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If you are looking for the discount codes for skycig, then no doubt you are looking at stopping smoking, and saving money at the same time. Although, if you have tried skycig, you will be a ware that their batteries are extremely poor in relation to some better brands of ecigs.

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Comments (43)

Skycig were the first ecigs I tried, so I know exactly what you are saying about the crap battery life. I wasn’t keen on the flavours either, there was only 5 different ones, so I am looking for something different now. And the pic charger keeps flashing charged when it is not, all very frustrating really.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Jen,

Well done on your switch you electronic cigarettes, more and more people are switching now, and you have to find the right company for you. I have not read anywhere really where people are singing the praises of sky cig, quite the opposite in fact.




Just wanted to say that you really shouldn’t waste yiur money with sky cig products, way over priced, and amatuer, if you want to continue vaping, you need a company that knows what they are doing, and not just out to hammer you for profits, and they never give discounts just high prices.

Seriously guys, there is much, much better choices out there, and cheaper with cartridges that you can fill yourself.

Hope this helps,


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Joe,

We agree with what you say. The wife has tried sky cig products, and said pretty much the same as you regarding the batteries and high cost of refilling. It is much better to be able to fill the cartridges yourself, instead of having to buy expensive refills.



A discount code from skycig? You must be joking. The first pack, the starter pack they make cheap, BUT skycig then sting you on the refills, and as it says above the battery life is very poor indeed, so much so that I gave up using them and started looking for an alternative that was better quality.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi John,

Yes, the of the whole points of using ecigs is to save money, as well as getting healthy, so when companies like skycig feel they have to only offer pre-filled tips, without allowing you to fill your own, it means you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Good comment,



I am not the only one that is tired of all the poor products that skycig sells then?

Why carnt they make batteries that last longer, surely it cannot be that hard. Also, when you try refilling their carts it does not work for me, it just keeps spilling out all over the place.

Does anybody know if you can get longer lasting skycig batteries, or are we just stuck with what they provide?

Frustration is kicking in now.

I cam here looking for discount codes because the prices are high. Please can anybody advise where I can find cheaper prices on skycig products, because I thought giving up smoking was about saving money, and I seem to be ordering new refills every bl**dy day for my skycig’s.


Ha. What I have read here is exactly what my wife says about Sky Cig products. She is considering changing to a better brand as it is a bit of a fad, and she wants more long term options. Anyone?

Hiya everyone.

I get that giving up smoking wit these ecigs work, and they have for me so far. I am saving a few quid, and everything, but I came to this page when doing a little bit more research on if there were any better brands than skycigs.

I know skycig do not sell juices, or ejuices as they are called. Why? Not sure but they just don’t, so I am researching for a product that allows you to refill your own which should save me a bundle.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I had used skycig for a few weeks before a friend shown me what they were using, and I have to say that as you do, I asked if I could try it, liked the flavours and the throat hit was MUCH better than with a skycig product, so much so that I dont use any skycig products anymore, even though I still have all the gear.

The cartridges at skycig are SO expensive, and not much choice either.

Avoid sky cig products, they are far too expensive. Don’t forget you are paying for all their expensive advertising everytime you order from them.

Choose an alternative, and save a packet would be my thinking.

I threw my skycig products in the bin I was so annoyed with them.

I got my skicig from an advert in the paper which looked good at first as they DID give a good discount on a starter pack, but when you come to reorder, THAT is when you see how expensive everything is.

There are far better and cheaper options on the market.


I am still waiting for my refund from skycig. Not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must have looked all over the Internet to try and find larger batteries for the skycig range, but there is nothing. You cannot get the ecigs exactly how you need them. Sure, you can keep,paying silly money for their refills, but to be honest they are expensive, they really are. You need ecigs that you can put your own e juice into, and sky cig just don’t give you that option.

Shame, but true.

I can only echo what some of the other readers have said here about skycig and their cigs. We have been using them for 2 months and we do like the flavours, but the prices are outrageous. For a pack of 5 refills costs £10.95 which is crazy. A friend of mine uses another brand, and fills her own, and she tells me that she only uses 20ml of juice over 2 weeks, so basing that on what skycig charge, the difference is a joke, my friend pays £8.95 for a 20ml bottle of juice that lasts her 2 weeks, and skycig charge £10.95 for 5 cartridges.

This means that is you use 2 cartridges a day as I do, then it is costing well over £14 a week in refills using skycig. Silly money, I might as well smoke if I am going to send that.

On top of that, is the problem with the skycig batteries always running out when I am out and about, as they only last about 2/3 hours, and yes, although you can carry the charge about, it becomes a bit annoying after a while having to keep swapping and changing your batteries and then charging the ones that have run out. Arrrrrgh!!

Sorry,just venting some frustration because I really want to give up smoking, and I seem to be going around in circles trying to get the kit right, so that everything is a lot easier.

I am looking at other companies at the moment, so if anybody has any recommendations I would appreciate it, because I have had my fill of skycig, and am definitely moving away from them. Their products are just not working for me.


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Pam,

Thank you for your comments about SkyCig. We would agree with the claims about the cost of their refills. The claim is that a cartridge will give you ‘X amount of real cigarette worth of vapour’, but the reality is not actually that accurate.

The costs are high, when you compare with being able to refill your own cartridges, and we also feel that the inability to refill SkyCig cartridges is to the detriment and cost of users.

Thanks again for your input,



Not used skycig muself so cannot comment, but my sister has, and she was not sure, she has now moved onto other brands of ecgis after a little bit of trial and error, and she is doing well with them.

I am tempted to try ecigs myself, and smoking since leaving school. I need to save some money too lol 🙂


Thanks for this review. I was looking at ourchasing a skycig after reading about it in the doctor’s surgery, and it all looked ok. I am pleased though that have have read about their refill charges because if I can get cheaper elsewhere than skycig, I may as well. It is all money at the end of the day isn’t it, and it does not come around easy these days. Sam.

I was just about to order a skycig but did a research instead and so glad I found all this info. Interesting.

I have ordered a bottle of ejuice from somewhere else to see if I can fill a skycig cartridge.

To be fair the flavours of the sky cigs are really pleasant, better than most, but they are just so expensive to buy the refills that we are looking for an alternative, and cheaper way to refill.

If you come up with any real ways to refill the cartridge then please let me know 🙂

I love vaping 🙂

Hi all , skycig cartridges are easy to refill yourself , just need a small screw and your own bottle of juice. Lots of choice of flavours and strengths are available online just Google ! Instructions on how to refill are on YouTube , just search. Saved my wife a fortune ! Hope this helps

Hello. I have just ordered skycig starter kit, and hoping to stop smoking very soon. I have smoked for over 40 years and reading about all these new products on the market is making me think that for the first time, it is possible to stop smoking.

I used skycig ecigs for about 2 weeks and what I found was the following:

1) The cartridges run out quickly and no way give you the amount of smokes it advertises.
2) The batteries were always running out, and needing charging.
3) When you try to re order the refills you find skycig expensive, and this is after you have used the starter pack so you then know how many you will use per day.

The discounts you get on them are a joke. Because the products are so expensive anyway that any discount is nothing really.


Let me give you a word of advice.

Skycig electric cigs are for very casual users. If you are a real vapour and want some proper kit, you had better use an ecig that is going to last you all day, and can take the strain, otherwise you will probably give up. My missus used the sky cig type, and fine for her, but for me, I prefer to use something that is going to last me all day when I am out of the house.

Thanks to this website, I now have a great new supplier, instead of skycig which I tend to agree with most of the points being made by most contributors. They were just far too expensive for what was being offered. I think the ecig market has moved on leaps and bounds now, and nobody has to spend more than they have to, and skycig will suffer for that I feel. There are just too many discount beiong offered elsewhere.

Ta. Tim

I just wanted to thank you for the information on this thread, it has given me a greater understanding of what I need to look at when considering an e cig company. I was considering using skycig, but I am also looking at others as well as I want to get this right straight from the beginning.

I think the benefits of e cigs are great. I cannot believe that the EU are considering putting some kind of restrictions on them. That us really annoying actually, because these things are saving people’s lives.

Thanks again.


I stopped using my skycig because even when I tried filling the cartos myself, it didn’t really work, and the cartridges burn out very quickly compared to other makes. Overall expensive to maintain, cos you HAVE to keep buying their carts, which defeats any object of savings being made.


I have looked high and low for reduced prices on skycig cartridges and any discount codes. Don’t bother, the best you will find is a silly percentage. Hmm!

I love this product’s reasonable price and it does help me quit smoking gradually. Day after day, skycig is making me not long for the traditional cigarettes. I have been trying to do that for years and I’m so thankful to have discovered it now.

Skycig is just average for me as of the moment because I just started using it and I haven’t seen the results just yet. I’ll give it a month I guess. I’m loving the flavours so far, just they are so expensive 🙁

Evening – love the forum but find this thread is quite one sided, and I totally disagree with MOST people’s comments about SKYCIG! I appreciate everyone’s own opinion, and with these things there is a lot relevance to personal taste which I get – but my experience & viewpoint totally differs from the majority. (And this is unusual! Because I demand the BEST as a consumer!)

I have tried upwards of 6 ‘E-Cig’ brands in roughly 5 months. SKYCIG is the only one I now use EVERY day – it’s the only one I feel I can rely on.

I believe it is to do with their carts, their batteries, and the combination thereof. I’m not an anorak, but I have read up on this a bit before opening my mouth. There is a tech thing to do with ‘resistance of the coil in the cart’ and the battery type of an ‘e-cig’ – and these are apparently directly linked to throat hit and realism of smoking sensation, and it all depends on what strength you are after. Example – When I WAS a smoker, (woohoo!! I love saying that!) I smoked strong menthol cigarettes. ‘JacVapour’s entry level model (similar to the SKYCIG) with 24MG e-juice = nowhere NEAR the effect of SKYCIG on their ‘BOLD’ (which is weaker, at 18MG). Furthermore, I’ve experienced poor battery life on many products, so I read up a bit on ‘vaping techniques’ (JACVAPOUR website is excellent for tips on this) and now I realise where I was going wrong. I made a couple of small ‘smoking style’ changes and it’s clicked into place for me. After all – it’s NOT a real ciggy, so you can’t smoke it as you would a real one. Have a 2 minute glance at the FAQ section on their websites (some really good short vids) – I found it really makes a difference.

Two criticisms I DO agree on with regards to Skycig:

1/ they don’t sell ‘e-juice’, and their pre-filled carts are pricey – agreed. Everyone needs to find the answer that works for them, but personally, I buy 18mg juice from JacVapour, and REGULARLY and SLOWLY (leave overnight if poss) REFILL my used SKYCIG carts, just by simply flicking off the little end cap. I cannot say how many times I have refilled – they are GREAT. (Youtube refilling *brand* cartomizers – some great vids that will save you lots of money regardless of what brand(s) you use) I apply my newly learned vaping technique – and hey presto! Ideal. I was bought a gift “SKYCIG start”, and as they are constantly on £10 I chose to buy 2 additional ones to give me 3 batteries, and 9 carts to rotate so I would NOT be caught short. I always have at least one spare charged battery, and a few full carts, no problem! Ok, I’ll need to replace the carts at some point, but, I have used this routine for 3 months and counting and they everything is as good as Day 1, (if not BETTER, because I can mess with the flavours and make what I want!)

2/ there is NO point in buying the overpriced FREEDOM KIT. If you really get stuck, use the FREE USB charger you get in the START for a £10, via your PC when at work or home. Or, better still, plug it into the backside of an iPhone charger or any USB charger that you get FREE with many products nowadays. (I sometimes use the charger part of a £4.99 Tesco Value Universal CAR CHARGER when I am on the move!) Why on earth would you ever NEED their MAINS ADAPTER or fancy ‘PUSH CHARGE CASE…..

Of course, these opinions are my own, and are based on my own experiences. I’m sure there are positives and negatives to all the E-cig / ‘Vape’ manufacturers, but it annoyed me to see so many people slagging off a brand, when I KNOW there is nothing wrong with their products. Yep – there’s always room for improvement, but I found it was just NEW to me, and I had to learn and bring it into my life to replace ciggys. Also – and I’ve found this out personally – that chopping and changing COSTS MORE, especially when you consider that all these products are in fact really similar. Find what YOU like, and ENJOY experimenting with the flavours etc…

Personally, I’m more concerned – and would love to hear general opinion – on the recently announced ‘legislation’ of these products. I bloody knew this would happen, as the taxman must be wondering where the hell the money he used to get from us via cigarette tax is going! If I am happy to ‘Vape’ instead of what I NOW think is horrible traditonal smoking, I can’t be the only one – so it was inevitable that they would want to do something to ‘stamp out Vaping’?? Only in THIS world today – would it not surprise me if they outlawed vaping, or actually REDUCED tax on real cigs to get us hooked again and paying again…… just food for thought!

thanks for reading! Happy Vaping all! Every cigarette I no longer smoke is a life saver, and it’s E-cigs that have helped me (doesn’t matter about brands!!) I think this is a brilliant forum; really well managed, great discussions, want to see more balance in the debate, but generally great stuff. Well done admins and contributors – keep it up!!

All the best – Joe.

Skycig are not that bad for me to be totally honest. Yes, there are things that could be better but you could probably say that about most products on the market.

I must say though that ecigs have stopped me from smoking, and from the first day I have not had a real cig since, the craving has just gone, and I feel great so are.

Keep it going vapers.


Can anybody tell me how to refill my skycig carts everytime I try I find it difficult to get the little plastic cap off. What do you all use to get it off?

I just use a fork, put 1 prong of the fork in the hole where the vapor comes from, and pull gently outwards, it should pop out easily (be careful it doesn’t fly across the room!) There’ll be a little rubber washer in there too that you remove for refilling too, then replace when finished to prevent leaking 🙂

I read the skycig sun advertisement yesterday and was interested. Anybody else got this deal? the discount looks ok, but what about ongoing supplies? expensive?

I cannot find a decent or real skycig discount code anywhere. I don’t think they exist to be honest apart from their own codes t entice you to buy a starter pack, and lets face it, that is just to get you in the loop to continue buying cartridges which is where they make the bulk of their profits.

No thanks, I ain’t falling for that!!

I have just come back from my hols, using the skycig, and I have to say it was the most frustrating experience of my life when batteries are running out all the time. Others on the same hol had bigger ecigs that seemed to last all day. But no, not skycig.

Not for me. I have tried a few, and now I buy my own set up and rig for vaping.

I used skycig last year, and it didn’t really work for me. I just could not get used to their flavours.

Excellent review. I stopped using Skycig now due to the same issues as others have mentioned here.

Really, it is a lot cheaper when you fill your own cartridges, and can have bigger batteries.


Skycig are advertised everywhere I know and most have tried them, but they were not lasing long enough for me really, so switched to a brand who had longer lasting batteries.

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