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Sly Old Fox O’Brien is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is being offered by the Sam O’Brien in conjunction with FlutterFinders stable of tipsters. Seemingly, the service has performed pretty well.  

Introduction to Sly Old Fox O’Brien

In order to talk about today’s service, I feel the need to talk a little bit about FlutterFinders. This is a brand new tipster stable which appears to have been launched with the wider Betfan group. There is a lot of overlap in terms of site design and they have been quite heavily pushing FlutterFinders products since it launched in March. As such, it is immediately an interesting option to me as there is some pedigree.

Now when I first registered my interest with FlutterFinders I received an email from one Sam O’Brien. And it would appear that his service is to be their inaugural one. Enter Sly Old Fox O’Brien. A rather unique seeming tipster service that is apparently based entirely on insider information. Now there is a rather loose definition of this, as I will explore, but it certainly makes for a very interesting proposition.

The thing is, there is a lot to talk about here. Whilst I am familiar with Betfan, this is a very different experience. And as such, I am quite keen to have a good look at Sly Old Fox O’Brien and see whether or not Sam O’Brien is able to turn something very different, into something very good.  

What Does Sly Old Fox O’Brien Offer?

As far as tipster services go, there is a lot about Sly Old Fox O’Brien that is incredibly interesting. Unfortunately, most of that boils down to how it supposedly works. Outside of this, what you seem to be dealing with here is actually a rather frustratingly unremarkable tipster service. On top of this, there just isn’t that much information that is provided.

So, what exactly are you getting yourself into? The only thing that Sam O’Brien directly says about Sly Old Fox O’Brien is that “Each day I have sound information I’ll make this available to you!”. And that’s about it really. Even that is skipped over a bit.

What this actually means is that you are signing up for a daily horse racing tipster service. Sam O’Brien says that all you need is access to an email account and your smartphone, tablet or a computer. And really, that is everything that is involved.

Now it is at this point that I want to talk a little bit about the link with Betfan. Because whilst I don’t necessarily tend to rate all of their services that much (although they have worked with some very capable tipsters in their time), they are fantastic at management. This is something that seems to have carried over to Sly Old Fox O’Brien and the FlutterFinders brand.

The selections appear to be typically issued on the morning of racing however, there is a pretty big window for when they can land. Inevitably, this means that Sly Old Fox O’Brien isn’t something that will necessarily work for those who have a particularly rigid schedule. Fortunately, the emails do seem to be of a pretty decent quality, which is something.

It is about here that we come to a particularly large gulf in terms of the information that is supplied You see, Sam O’Brien doesn’t really tell you anything about what you are getting into with Sly Old Fox O’Brien. That is massively frustrating, as I’m sure you can appreciate.

I can however offer some insight into things. First things first, the bets. The vast majority of what you will be looking at will be win bets. I anticipate the possibility that there will also be each way bets advised, but that isn’t something that I have seen so far. This means that at least when you do receive your bets, placing them is not difficult.

The odds that are involved are something of a strong area for Sly Old Fox O’Brien as well. Sam O’Brien’s contacts seem to consistently identify horses that are at middling odds. Whilst that can be a recipe for disaster with a tipster service that is pure BS, in this case I don’t think it is a bad thing. It certainly means that if you aren’t winning often, you can still produce some profit.

 Unfortunately, just how much profit you can make becomes something of an exercise in speculation. Once again, I am forced to return to the point that Sam O’Brien seems to want to wilfully obfuscate information when it comes to Sly Old Fox O’Brien.

There is at least a staking plan in place, however, this is behind a paywall. As such, I don’t think that it is really fair of me to release the details of it here. What I will say though is this, I can see how it could work. Honestly, compared to some of the staking plans that you see, it is all reasonably conservative.

This means that your betting bank isn’t ever at too much risk which is a good thing. Because whilst there aren’t any specific claims made in terms of a strike rate, I really don’t believe that you will be winning particularly often with this.

Once again, this is only speculation based on my behalf and looks at a very limited sample of data. The unfortunate truth is that Sam O’Brien and FlutterFinders provide no real proofing for Sly Old Fox O’Brien, nor do they talk about this element. As such, you are very much in the dark.

How Does Sly Old Fox O’Brien Work?

If there is one positive to all of this, it is that you get the selection process pretty much rammed down your throat. If you did not know now that Sam O’Brien has a host of inside connections, then you definitely will do by the time you’ve read this review, or in fact simply looked at the sales page.

There are two key selling points in my opinion. The first is that Sam O’Brien has been in the betting game for “well over 20 years”. Naturally, this instils in you some confidence. After all, that is a long time to have been betting, and presumably, he has been successful right?

This brings me to the second selling point for Sly Old Fox O’Brien which is that inside information. According to the sales material, this includes people from all walks of life. From “die hard betting fanatics” to experienced ex bookmakers, Sam O’Brien seemingly knows everybody. He also says that he is in contact with “well known jockeys and race horse owners who can’t help but relay high quality betting info”.

Whether or not you choose to put much faith in these claims is definitely a personal preference. Personally, whilst I believe it is probably exaggerated at least somewhat, for marketing purposes, there is likely to be some truth to all of this. The horse racing world is a large, if somewhat secular one. The fact is that people know people, and people talk.

What I am less certain of is how much faith I would put into this. The fact of the matter is that Sam O’Brien has provided no proofing at all for Sly Old Fox O’Brien, or in fact basic information. This means that firstly, you are coming into this blind. Secondly, it means taking the word of the one man who is guaranteed to profit from all of this. I have more to say about this, but I will instead pick it up a little later.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to Sly Old Fox O’Brien. The first of these is a “monthly” subscription which is priced at £45 (plus VAT). It should be noted that this monthly subscription is actually billed every 28 days which means over the course of a year, you actually pay this out 13 times.

Alternatively, and representing much better value for money, is a quarterly subscription. This is priced at £65 (again, plus VAT) and it is billed every 90 days.

Now what is particularly noteworthy here in my book is the fact that there is no money back guarantee in place for Sly Old Fox O’Brien. As such, that means that you are tied down irrespective of results. That makes the quarterly option a significantly larger risk in my book, despite the superior value.

What is the Rate of Return?

One of the most interesting elements about Sly Old Fox O’Brien is that the income potential isn’t really discussed. Now this is a pretty substantial gap to leave, because ultimately, it is what will convince people to sign up. All that we are told are vague things such as the claim that “It lends itself to a very solid opportunity that has the potential to support long term profits”.

As well as this there are other curiously vague statements made such as “winning some decent money”. There is also a very specific mention of the fact that “Some big players win more moolah than you could ever imagine!”. Again though, these really don’t tell you anything about what you can expect.  

Conclusion for Sly Old Fox O’Brien

So, where exactly do you start with Sly Old Fox O’Brien? It’s a bit of a difficult question answer because honestly, there are just so many gaps in the information. Now, when there are smaller details missing, that isn’t the end of the world but what Sam O’Brien misses out here are incredibly obvious things to me.

Now I do want to say that ultimately, I believe Sam O’Brien when he says that he has contacts. I know that I have touched on this, but I think it is worth exploring why I believe this in more detail. Honestly, a big part of it is down to the context in which Sly Old Fox O’Brien has been launched. I don’t know what level of involvement Betfan have had with FlutterFinders exactly, but there is some link.

As such, I don’t believe that they’d blindly throw their lot in with a tipster for the sake of it. Whilst Betfan’s reputation is a little mixed, I think that they are generally one of the better tipster management companies out there. And that reputation is something that they will want to protect.

With that said, do I have some doubts about Sam O’Brien’s claims? Of course I do. I’m always wary when people try to hide information. Especially stuff that is pertinent to a service. Which say… A record of your profits, for example, definitely is. I do also think that they’re probably exaggerated a little bit, but I’m willing to overlook that because ultimately, Sly Old Fox O’Brien is a product that needs to be marketed.

The real problem for me is that this is very much a blind risk that you are taking. Sam O’Brien is quite literally just asking you to take his word that this all works and that you’ll make money. Except, at the same time, you aren’t told how much money you’ll make, or how often you’ll win, or a host of other things including proofing.

What is really frustrating about this for me is that this is all information that as a wider company, Betfan provide this kind of thing. And with this in mind, there are only really two reasons that I can see why this isn’t there.

The first option gives Sam O’Brien the benefit of doubt. Maybe Sly Old Fox O’Brien just hasn’t been up and running for long enough to really provide comprehensive figures. But the other option that strikes me is that the results just aren’t that good. Now honestly, there are other reasons as well, and it will likely be one of these rather than one extreme or the other.

That doesn’t change the fact that it is disappointing though, and this is where the biggest problem comes in for me. You see, if Sly Old Fox O’Brien were a little less pricey, it might be something that is fun to have a bit of a punt on. But at £45 every 4 weeks, it is far too expensive for that kind of thinking.

And that pricing is the nail in the coffin for me really. What Sam O’Brien is asking is a massive amount of money for something that is so unproven. With that said, I do hope that FlutterFinders are able to make adequate changes to this in the future.

But here and now, as it is, Sly Old Fox O’Brien just isn’t something that I could recommend. With so many other services out there that are not just in this price range, but are cheaper, you have to do something a bit special. What Sam O’Brien is doing here really counts as the minimum. Which is a shame really because I do believe that there may be something to some of the claims.


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