Smart Money Punter Review Neil White

Smart Money Punter is a new horse racing betting system that has been written by Neil White. He claims that the service involves no “complicated rubbish” and that you can generate a seemingly handsome profit.

What does the product offer?

The first thing that Smart Money Punter throws at you is about how much money you can make. All TAX FREE. Because this is a gambling product, and as such, of course it is tax free. If my tone sounds sardonic right now, there is good reason for this as I will explore over the course of this review. Needless to say, I can start by looking at headlines that could come from anywhere.

In terms of what you are getting, Neil White takes the marketing approach that it is better to sell you on what Smart Money Punter can do for you rather than his system. There is plenty of talk about buying a beautiful car, a second income stream for financial freedom, and so on and so forth. There is one thing that you are supposed to take away from Smart Money Punter and that is that through his product, he is “going to introduce you to something revolutionary”.

All of these claims are substantial and thrown out at you from the offset of the sales material for Smart Money Punter. But what are you really getting? Smart Money Punter is a self selection horse racing betting system that will supposedly allow you to pick your own winners on a daily basis. In fact, the suggestion is that you can use Smart Money Punter on any given day to find bets with no reliance on any complicated betting strategies.

I am unable to go into any real detail with Smart Money Punter for obvious reasons. This is a very simple system and to delve into things would more likely than not give the game away. What I will say, is that in order to get started with Smart Money Punter, you simply require a bookmakers account with any bookmaker that accepts horse racing bets and £1,000 as your starting bank. The astute amongst you will likely be as concerned as I am, especially in terms of the claim that you can have an account with any bookmaker.

In terms of the numbers side of things, Neil White has a clear financial target in terms of how much Smart Money Punter users can expect to make. Unfortunately, there is nothing which explores how much you would have to bet to attain these results. It is also worth pointing out that there is no real evidence supplied that demonstrates the past profitability of Smart Money Punter. This is despite Neil White claiming to have used the system for many years.

How does the product work?

It is strongly implied that the strategy behind Smart Money Punter came from a random bloke that Neil White met at a horse racing event. I am not convinced by this in the slightest. Needless to say, Smart Money Punter is arguably worryingly simple in my book. Whilst Neil White is quick to point out that Smart Money Punter doesn’t/t require any so called “complicated” betting strategies, I see little real grounds to believe that Smart Money Punter will work as it is claimed to in the promotional material.

What is the initial investment?

According to Neil White, he should be charging £300 for access to Smart Money Punter. Fortunately for us, he is releasing his system for the low price of just £37 instead. Furthermore, this offer is only open to the first 50 people who buy Smart Money Punter. After this, the service is supposedly being pulled although this has more of a feel of a weak marketing strategy rather than having any real intent behind it.

It is also important to point out that Smart Money Punter is sold through the Clickbank store. This means that Smart Money Punter does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

There is only really one result which is repeated in terms of the income potential for Smart Money Punter. This is the claim that you can make an extra £500 per week. This number actually rather bothers me when it comes to Smart Money Punter. There is no information provided about what stakes have been bet to achieve this result. Anybody could claim £500 profit per month to £100 stakes. With this in mind, I am treating this number with a huge amount of cynicism.


One of the things that is really interesting about Smart Money Punter is that this isn’t the first time out for the service. In fact, it was launched a number of years ago under a different author, one James Burrows. Having carried out research into the results from then, there is a lot to suggest that Smart Money Punter didn’t really work then. As such, I don’t believe that it is likely to work now either.

Truthfully, I can’t help but feel like Smart Money Punter is more of an exercise in good marketing to those who aren’t in the know than a legitimate service. The claims made aren’t backed up by anything even vaguely resembling evidence and what little that is provided is not just questionable, but seems to raise more questions than it answers.

I have mentioned that Smart Money Punter has been launched before now, supposedly by James Burrows. It is interesting to note however that whoever is actually behind the service clearly wishes to remain anonymous. There are certainly no details of anybody registering the site etc.

All of this of course plays second fiddle to the fact that I just don’t think that Smart Money Punter will work. I am of the opinion that service is flawed and there would have to be a lot of work in order to make it even close to something I would call workable. Whilst all of this is bad enough, I just don’t believe that there is any real evidence that Smart Money Punter can work and as I have said before now, this simply isn’t good enough.

Given how long “Neil White” has been running Smart Money Punter I would expect some results beyond a questionable Bet365 screenshot. All of this means that despite a seemingly reasonable price point and a decent money back guarantee, I can’t see a lot to recommend here. Smart Money Punter is one of those rare products that simply sounds more exciting when you talk about what it isn’t rather than what it is, which is a bit of a washout.

With all of this in mind, I would be inclined to give Smart Money Punter a pretty wide berth personally. There are better ways of making money online that you can invest your money in that whilst a little more complex, actually product results and that is the ultimate end goal, surely.


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From: Simon Roberts