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SmartSentinel – Software Business


Offered by Tim Lowe, and provided by software professionals in the industry of mobile phone applications.

Claimed to be the fastest growing industry on the planet at the moment, we think they may have a point to the bold advertising.

OK, I want to know about SmartSentinel?

From the office of Tim Lowe, SmartSentinel is being offered to those looking at generating an income, as an opportunity to become involved in the fastest growing industry in the world – mobile phone applications. Not just mobile phones, but tablets, and phablets. Basically the team at Waverley Media are offering a few places onto a course that will allow you to promote and profit from software that every business owner, and consumer will want to make use of.

How does the software work, and why is the market so large?

The actual website page explains this in more details, but from what we can gather, and have read, the concept benefits both parties – Business owners looking to increase their customer base, and consumers who are actively looking for business when on their mobile phones.

The idea is that when viewing internet content on a mobile phone, it is often difficult to navigate and read from such a small screen. The solution that SmartSentinel provides is a ‘phone friendly’ website that can be read on any phone, or tablet, with no difficulty to the users.

That makes sense, but how is this a business for me?

You will be providing a solution to a problem. The business owners – and their are literally millions of them – are losing business due to the difficulty that most potential customers have when they are searching only. For example, if you needed a plumber desperately, and are frantically searching around on your phone trying to find the right tradesman, on such a small screen with tiny website content, then you would already be in a tricky situation as a potential customer of a business you maybe looking for.

On the business owners side, if they are one of those tradesman you are looking for, then if they have a mobile friendly website using the SmartSentinel software, then the chances are very high that compared to other trsdesman with a standard website, they would attract the business – as they have gone the extra mile for their customers by providing a platform that is USABLE on a mobile phone, tablet, or phablet.

Therefore, if you can provide a solution to business owners that will create them more custom, and increase their profits by providing a ‘tool’ (the software – mobile friendly website)  then the increased business will actually pay any costs you act them to pay for your service.

OK, That makes sense. How much can I make realistically?

Tim Lowe, and his company Waverley Media are going to offer you full training on how to tap into this lucrative market (both advertising, and mobile phone apps are extremely lucrative), and claim you can make up to £400 per hour. Now obviously this will depend on the effort you are prepared to spend, but when you consider how large the market is, then anything is possible with the right application (no pun intended).

Does SmartSentinel have a money back guarantee?

Anything offered by Waverley Media, and Tim Lowe comes with a cast iron money back guarantee, and they will offer to train you how to generate a substantial income using this new business model, or they will pay you back every penny of the investment.
You can find out more on the following Smart Sentinel website by visiting the following:

The Tim Lowe SmartSentinel offer has now closed to new participants:

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