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SMS Tipster Review

SMS Tipster is a horse racing and sports betting tipster service from Andrew Mount that claims to offer tips via SMS to its users.

What does the product offer?

SMS Tipster is claimed to be a new service from tipster Andrew Mount. There are actually two different services available through SMS Tipster at the time of writing which are a horse racing based service, and a sports betting service that deals exclusively with football (although you can sign up for both for a discount). The tips that Andrew Mount send out are offered to subscribers via email and SMS which is the core selling point for SMS Tipster. Interestingly, SMS Tipster is advertised as being a daily service however the “proofing” that is offered shows a total of 17 selections over 28 days with a strike rate of 66.79%.

How does SMS Tipster work?

Interestingly there is nothing whatsoever provided in terms of how SMS Tipster actually works. Andrew Mount claims that he has “worked hard to obtain these tips” and that he started out sending them to a few friends before developing this into SMS Tipster. Unfortunately there is nothing of substance stated outside of this. Interestingly, he does claim that as a tipster SMS Tipster is subject to being treated as financial aid and so he has had to “Register his company [SMS Tipster]” and that he is now “Fully licensed [and] regulated”.

What is the initial investment?

There are three different options that you can sign up for with SMS Tipster. The first of these is horse racing tips only whilst the second option is football tips only. These will both cost you £18.99 for 3 months of tips via SMS (allegedly reduced from £29.99). Alternatively you can get both sets of tips for £24.99 which is claimed to carry a discount down from £47.99. This is sold through Clickbank so comes with a 60 day money back guarantee however Andrew Mount says that SMS Tipster is a free service (there is a lot of confusion surrounding this).

What is the rate of return?

According to what little information that SMS Tipster provides in this regard the service made £4,075 of profit which amounts to bank growth of 187.78%. Andrew Mount also suggests that he makes enough through his tips to live life as a professional bettor.

Conclusion of SMS Tipster

There are a number of red flags that I can see straight away when I look at SMS Tipster. The first of these is that the sales page carries all the hallmarks of lazy copywriting demonstrating and selling a lifestyle rather than a product. The second issue with SMS Tipster is that whilst Andrew Mount says that he has proofed the system (showing a screenshot of SMS Tipster ranking first on a league table that I neither recognise the website of, nor can I find it online) there isn’t any access actually provided to this proofing. This is all very suspect to me and without a way of ascertaining the selection process for SMS Tipster I simply don’t see how you can make an informed purchase and so I’d recommend avoiding it.



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How do I join Andrew mounts service

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