Snowy Bets Review

Snowy Bets is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by Phil “Snowy” Griffiths. It claims to have some strong results. It is interesting to me that this is an almost entirely independent tipster service, something you don’t see many of these days.

Introduction to Snowy Bets

It seems obvious that one of the first things that I look at when a new tipster service lands on my desk is the website. I have a click around, see what people want me to see (as well as what they don’t on more than one occasion), and then I start to read everything in depth.

When I did that with Snowy Bets, I am rather pleased to say that I lost track of myself and time a little as there is a wealth of information on Phil Griffiths on the site. Most of what really took me in though is how he writes about his experiences as a professional bettor. It is interesting, human and quite funny. This is a rarity in this industry and it leads me to believe that there is probably a lot to like about Snowy Bets.

What Does Snowy Bets Offer?

Snowy Bets is a pretty straight forward tipster service in terms of how things operate. Each day, Phil Griffiths sends his selections via email, usually by 10.30am. One the days where there are no bets available, you will be notified of this face.

The quality of email that you get is pretty much beyond reproach being entertaining and more importantly, containing a full run down of why a horse has been selected. This straight forwardness is something that you will see mentioned a lot when I look at Snowy Bets.

Next, I want to talk about the bets themselves. Snowy Bets is not a particularly high volume tipster service By and large, most days will see you with no more than 4 daily,  bets (although for reasons that I want to talk about shortly, this can still carry a degree of risk). The bets themselves are a mixture of win and each way.

These are at massively varied odds, however it seems to me that there is favour towards longer shots with Snowy Bets. This doesn’t however seem to have worked out negatively for Phil Griffiths as I will discuss over the course of this.

I mentioned the risk aspect not long ago and it is now time to address that. The staking plan for Snowy Bets is… Well, it is pretty damned significant.

Phil Griffiths recommends staking anywhere from 1 point each way or 2 points on the win, all the way up to 5 points each way. As you can imagine, these kinds of numbers can very quickly start to stack up. This applies doubly so when Snowy Bets hits any downturns or losing streaks (something which will happen).

This finally brings me to the strike rate for Snowy Bets. According to the proofing that Phil Griffiths provide to  Tipster Platforms, their average strike rate since January has been 28.89%.

I will admit that this doesn’t sound mind blowing, however something I want to mention that Phil Griffiths doesn’t is the odds that are involved. Snowy Bets is a high odds betting service and it goes without saying to me that backing longer odds simply means that you won’t win as often. Looking at the wider picture, Phil Griffiths has maintained an equally impressive 28.37% over a much longer time frame of 2.5 years.

How Does Snowy Bets Work?

So, how exactly does Phil Griffiths find his bets? This seems to mostly boil down to simply having an understanding of horse racing. In a page on the Snowy Bets website, the tipster claims that he has been interested in horse racing since being a lad and I think that this shows. You don’t have to look too far on the Snowy Bets website to find some insight or another.

Whether that is the story of how Phil Griffiths made £29,000 off a single horse, or a Q and A with the man himself.

Backing all of this up is that fact of receiving a write up when you receive your selections. I am always pleased to see this method being employed as in my experience, there are a lot of tipsters out there who are very “if x then y” in their approach. In having a genuinely experienced tipster at the help, Snowy Bets is able to find bets in almost any conditions and that allows for a much more consistent tipster service in the long run.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a large number of different ways that you can sign up to Snowy Bets. The first options that I want to talk about are a weekday and a weekend service. These are priced at £22 and £27 respectively and are pretty self explanatory. Next, you can sign up to Snowy Bets on a monthly basis at a cost of £39.

The quarterly subscription is priced at £97, a 6 monthly subscription costs £177, and finally, you can sign up to Snowy Bets for the whole year for a one time cost of £314.

Payment is handled via a proprietary system and it is important to note that there is no money back guarantee offered by Phil Griffiths.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Snowy Bets is pretty decent truth be told. Since starting in April 2016, Phil Griffiths has guided Snowy Bets to an overall profit of 705.24 points. This is a pretty respectable figure in my book. What really impresses me however is that since January of this year, Snowy Bets has made an incredible 373.53 points. To me, this represents a strong run of form and honestly, even with the staking plan that is in place, I believe that it is still a decent result.

Conclusion to Snowy Bets

A fair amount of what I look at in this line of work are tipster services from the various large stables and a constant onslaught of rubbish from the large numbers of different affiliate marketing product peddlers. As such, it isn’t really typical for something to come long which is new and genuine. Snowy Bets delivers this however and I would be lying if I didn’t say that based off what I have seen, there is a lot to like.

First of all, I want to talk about the service. Phil Griffiths  appears to have a very firm grasp on what he is aiming for with Snowy Bets and that seems to be pretty much pure profit. In this regard, I think that it is pretty fair to call the service a success. The longer term profits are impressive enough, but the results over the last 12 months are pretty stand out. 373 points by November shows strong potential to break the 400 point mark by the end of the year.

All of this sounds immensely positive and frankly, it is.

Those are some very solid results, however you do have to stake a lot in order to make the profits Phil Griffiths’s proofing shows. As an example of this, a day earlier this month which yielded just 3 bets involved staking 15 points over all. 3 points each way, 2.5 points each way and a 4 point win. As it happens, one of those bets came in, but that could just have easily been quite a heavy losing day.

Now, these ups and downs are a part and parcel of following a tipster service, and as much as it is a cop out, ultimately, whether or not you are comfortable with the stakes and the associated risk is a personal decision. I think that Phil Griffiths just about does enough to warrant it here, however you will really need some rock solid discipline and a decent sized betting bank in order to see you through.

The final thing that I want to talk about is whether or not there is value for money to be had with Snowy Bets. What Phil Griffiths is asking leans towards the top end of what I consider to be reasonable for most average tipster services. Truth be told, I think that Snowy Bets is probably somewhat better than average however and as such, I think that what you are paying is reasonable.

With all of this in mind, I think that Snowy Bets is worth some serious consideration. I don’t doubt that Phil Griffiths knows his stuff and everything suggests that his experiences as a punter are genuine.

The fact that Snowy Bets is a wholly independent tipster service is something of a rarity in this day and age and honestly, that only enamours me with it a little more. Combine this with the fact that Phil Griffiths has some real personality which shines through and I think if you have the patience, this is a winner.

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Comments (4)

Truly appalling. Lost me a massive 139 points over the two months that I was a member. AVOID!

Recent results (up to Feb 2020) are appalling as stated above and the tipster platform that runs his ‘service’ are forever trying to cajole new members into joining the ‘service’ with statements like ‘Snowy continues to hit the Bookies’ – that was very quickly after a couple won last week at low odds. Snowy has failed miserably before and after, big time! It looks more like he is on the Bookies side at the moment so I would suggest you do not join the ‘service’. Further, I sent probably seven emails to ellen @ asking for the information that I have paid for and that was going to be sent out by 10:30 daily, but it never is! I tried a 28 day trial and there were more ‘NO BETS TODAY’ posted by Snowy (probably up to 25%) than you can imagine so the value (if any) of a 28 day trial is reduced considerably, albeit Ellen at tipsterplatforms sent an email saying ‘results have been poor recently, but as a gesture of goodwill we will extend the service by 7 days and he’s made a profit since he’s been with us’. What good are the past results to me, exactly nothing so why bother to mention it? It’s 12:45pm Saturday 8th Feb 2020 (racing starts in three minutes) and I have not yet received the information that I have paid for so why support him/them any longer? I also suggest you avoid Snowy!

My advice regarding is don’t waste your time or money, don’t touch them with a barge pole! The website is full of slick marketing that will draw you in with claims that their tipsters are the best! In fact I have followed so-called professional punter ‘Snowy’ having accepted a 28 day ‘trial’ offer for £1.99 plus Vat; which is then set up as a recurring payment to take £39.00 out of your bank each month unless you read the small print and cancel! However, my actual experience of tipsterplatforms is that they renege on their agreement (to me anyway). The following is copied word for word from an email they sent to me from Ellen in their admin office: >>> Thank you for your email your comments have been noted. We have given you a trial period for just £1.99 for six weeks and which we are quite willing to extend to 07/03/2020 which will equate to 25p per week. We believe this to be very fair and if you are still not satisfied we are quite happy to take you of the service.

So that sounds reasonable doesn’t it, but take me out of their service if I don’t like it? Wrong, the ‘trial period’ covered the awful weather conditions where racing was virtually impossible and ‘Snowys’ advice was NO BET TODAY, NO BET TODAY, NO BET TODAY which has continued for two months or more! Worse still, when he did advise a bet the selections failed miserably (they ran like donkeys carrying packs) so regardless of the cost of 25p per week for six weeks it’s no good if you don’t get the right advice. In fact over the past two months or so SNOWY has delivered three winners (and tipsterplatforms are very quick to let potential clients see it, to cajole them into joining the ‘service’) one which incidentally I didn’t get on a Saturday, because ‘tipsterplatforms don’t work on a Saturdays’ according to their admin office again and had cancelled my trial prematurely. So two winners, no end of losing bets and lots of NO BET TODAY from Snowy! Therefore my request for the ‘trial’ to be extended didn’t seem unreasonable, but the message above where they offered to extend the ‘service’ until 7th February 2020 was reneged upon as they forced a refund on me before the 7th February despite my acceptance of the arrangement; in other words you can’t trust them! My best advice would be don’t pay for so-called professional punter information that is guesswork anyway, but do use for free where you will be able to use your own judgement on selections, and pick up regular winners at all sorts of prices. I could go on, but I need to get this message on to other social media platforms, so just remember that Tipsterplatforms will bombard you with emails and are continually looking for new ‘tipsters’ who can earn in excess of £20,000 each month! Me, I could become a tipster, yippeee!! On that basis those ‘new tipsters’ might well ask ‘who cares if they win or lose as long as I get my money’, truth be known average punters will follow a service for trial periods and then move on whilst the ‘tipsters’ continue to reap the rewards. We will always enjoy the gamble of the chase so to speak, but you would be well advised to leave this well alone, along with their connected platforms!

Snowy had 20 plus selections over the Cheltenham 4 days and had just 2 placed horses so join him at your peril! On top of that he has had three winners in the last three months costing the average punter (and me) a fortune. Never again!

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