Soccer 365 Tips Review

Soccer 365 Tips is a new football based tipster from Steve Davidson of Winningmore that he claims will be able to provide very substantial profits to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

Soccer 365 Tips is a brand new and seemingly rather interesting tipster service from Steve Davidson. As a service, Soccer 365 Tips is pretty far removed from the norm for a number of different reasons however I will start with what I consider to be the most potent. To say that Steve Davidson has put together a high volume tipster service is an understatement.

In fact, just one day can often yield in excess of 60 bets. All of these bets are then sent out to a proprietary piece of software which lists them all. In terms of the kind of things that you will be looking at, Soccer 365 Tips bets on just about every league you can think of from the English Premier League to leagues so obscure that I had to find out what they are by Googling a team name.

The bets are made up of multiple bet types (something I will look at below) with various different staking plans.

How does the product work?

Steve Davidson refers to Soccer 365 Tips as Football Portfolio Betting, named because as you would keep a diverse stock portfolio, you should keep your betting types diverse.

Bets that Soccer 365 Tips recommends are a combination of back and lay bets and involve covering the home, away and draw results (or often combinations of the two). There are also half time/full time bets as well. It is supposedly only by combining all of these different bet types that Soccer 365 Tips is able to be profitable.

What is the initial investment?

When you buy into Soccer 365 Tips you are actually buying a license for the software that delivers the selections to you and there are 3 licenses available. These are a 12 month option, a 6 month option and a 3 month option.

These are priced at £149.97, £99.97 and £69.97 respectively with all supposedly limited time early bird prices (down from the claimed real value of Soccer 365 Tips which is £39.97 per month).

It is worth pointing out that none of these options come with a money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

In just 26 days, Soccer 365 Tips has supposedly made a profit of 163 points. Over 27 months, Soccer 365 Tips would supposedly work out at 3,162 points of profit. Personally I am not convinced by these results at all though.


I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again, Steve Davidson’s products are a mixed bag and unfortunately, Soccer 365 Tips seems to fall definitely on the wrong side of things here.

There is a strong sense of back testing with Soccer 365 Tips which isn’t inherently a problem, however a service should be ran on live bets for longer than a month to really test things. More than anything rlse though, the problem is the cost that is involved.

Betting to £10 would mean placing over £620 in bets in a single day. This is a lot of money to put down on something that simply isn’t well tested enough for my liking and; being frank isn’t cheap. With this in mind, I would personally give Soccer 365 Tips a miss.


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