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Soccer 45 Football Review

Soccer 45 is a football betting system offered by Steve Davidson that is built around betting on the first half of a game.

What does the product offer?

Soccer 45 is a betting system for football that covers 6 leagues from across the world. 3 of these will be known to any football fan (Premier League, Bundesliga, and the Championship) with the other leagues being the Japanese J-League, Allsvenskan (the Swedish League) and the Portuguese Premeira League. Soccer 45 comes as a downloadable guide (note that this is only compatible with Windows) that teaches you how to make your own selections that Steve Davidson claims have produced an average strike rate of around 60% over 5 years.

How does the product work?

There are actually three different methods to Soccer 45 each of which produce their own results. These three methods can be used independently (with Steve Davidson particularly recommending the second method) or together as a complete product. As is often the way with Steve Davidson’s products, there is very little information available on the sales page which is disappointing, especially given the lack of a refund policy. This means that you go into purchasing Soccer 45 blind.

What is the initial investment?

Soccer 45 is available for £59.97. A rather steep price in my opinion, especially given the fact that (as mentioned above) there is no money back guarantee in place for this.

What is the rate of return?

Depending on which method you look at, Soccer 45 has made between 1017.11 points profit over five years (Method 3) and 1363.18 points of profit (Method 1), again over a 5 year period.


Personally I am often wary of Steve Davidson’s products. Whilst he does release some interesting products that have the potential to make money, I dislike the prices that he charges which I find to be somewhat on the extortionate side and unfortunately Soccer 45 is no different. Arguably my biggest gripe with Soccer 45 specifically is the claimed results. I find the notion that this has been proofed properly for 5 years rather improbable, which suggests that Soccer 45’s results are based on back testing.

This means that they may not be a genuine reflection of results. This is really the deal breaker for me here and I would avoid it on the back of this alone as with back testing, a system can easily be made to fit the results.



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From: Simon Roberts