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Soccer Bet High Rollers Review

Soccer Bet High Rollers is a football tipster service from the Betfan group and creator Yordan. It operates on very selective tips rather than issuing them every day.

What does the product offer?

Soccer Bet High Rollers offers subscriber tips on football games that meet the requirements set out by creator Yordan. The selections are somewhat infrequent with Soccer Bet High Rollers focussing on producing consistent winners infrequently rather than lots of bets and a strike rate of 25-30%, a system that generally seems to pay off as Soccer Bet High Rollers has produced a relatively consistent profit.

How does the product work?

Soccer Bet High Rollers works by using an Asian Handicap system in order to minimise risk and outcomes. This betting system operates by applying handicaps to favourites in a game and discounting the possibility of a draw. This essentially serves to break the possible outcomes down to two i.e. one or the other team winning.

What is the initial investment?

Soccer Bet High Rollers is available for £50.00 for 28 days (this cost is inclusive of VAT for EU residents). As this is a Betfan product refunds are generally unavailable although they do say that requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

What is the rate of return?

Over 6 months Soccer Bet High Rollers has produced an overall profit of 250.93 points. The creator Yordan advertises his service as making “over £23,000 profit in 5 months”.


Soccer Bet High Rollers uses the Asian Handicap as a solid basis for the system and ultimately this has proven profitable. Whether or not it is profitable enough for everybody is arguable, especially given the costs involved.

The fact is that you will need a big betting bank and big stakes in order to make Soccer Bet High Rollers really work for you. Purely based off the subscription fees alone you will pay £650 per year. Using £10 stakes this would represent a fair old chunk of your profit. If you are established and have the required betting bank though, this may be something that proves a profitable addition to a betting portfolio.



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From: Simon Roberts