Social Binary App Review

Social Binary App is a piece of free to access binary options software by Ethan Lewis. He claims his software can predict market changes by monitoring chatter on Twitter.

What does the product offer?

Social Binary App is a binary options trading bot created by Ethan Lewis, an alleged Wall St trader. Social Binary App is claimed to be a revolutionary piece of binary options trading software that can “essentially predict the future”. In order to gain access to Ethan Lewis’ system you have to make a deposit through his chosen broker, GT Options.

How does the product work?

Social Binary App monitors Twitter and allegedly is able to filter through posts and make trades based on the results. Ethan Lewis claims that by doing this Social Binary App is able to not just follow advice from known financial and news institutions but also follows the general public opinion to back up its choice of trades.

What is the initial investment?

Technically Social Binary App is a free product, but as mentioned you will have to make a minimum deposit through GT Options. This is likely to be somewhere between $250 and $500.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t something that is really covered by Ethan Lewis but he does show a “screenshot” showing 832,455.12 (presumably dollars) in his trading account. There is also a reference to $500 per day.


Social Binary App is yet another example of the ongoing trend of “free” binary options software. All of these follow the same blueprint of having some incredible piece of software that to use you must make a deposit through a chosen broker. The marketer will typically then receive a commission for referrals. Social Binary App puts a somewhat unique spin on it with the talk of Twitter and whatnot.

The fact is though that like many other similar products there is actually very little evidence that Social Binary App will work as advertised. Personally I would give this a miss as the most likely outcome seems to be that you will lose your initial investment.



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From: Simon Roberts