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Social Lead Freak Review Scam?

Social Lead Freak is a product by Ali G and Marcus Lim that allows you to gain leads for your internet business through Facebook.

What does the product offer?

Social Lead Freak is a simple downloadable tool for both Windows and Mac that according to Ali G and Marcus Lim will help you to sell your products by identifying hot leads. This is done via Facebook and searching under certain keyword terms. Social Lead Freak as a piece of software seems to be easy enough to use and provides you with Facebook ID’s which can then be used for targeted marketing. Social Lead Freak also comes with a few different bonus products that are mainly related to the core service that Social Lead Freak provides.

How does the product work?

Social Lead Freak searches Facebook for groups based around keyword terms and then draws up a list of all members. From there it identifies their Facebook ID’s which can then be used for later marketing campaigns. Ali G and Marcus Lim say that this is what enables Social Lead Freak to be so effective, the fact that your audience already have an interest in what you are selling.

What is the initial investment?

There are three packages available for Social Lead Freak. The Light Package is $97 and is licensed for use on one machine, the Standard Package is $147 and licensed for 3 machines and the Pro Package which costs $247 comes with an unlimited number of license keys. All of these packages are supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t something that isn’t ever looked at but given how Social Lead Freak works and the numbers that it targets it doesn’t seem implausible that it could be implemented with some success.


Social Lead Freak looks to be a great product that certainly does what it advertises. The big question here lies in whether or not it really warrants the cost. One of the potentially biggest issues that you may face lies in the terms of Facebook’s advertising policy as users haven’t necessarily agreed to share their details with you like that. That makes it something of a risk although as long as sensible targeted advertising is used I can’t see too many people complaining.

This is really about the costs and in this regard I feel that if you are buying for sole use, Social Lead Freak is pretty good value however I am not sold on the need for more licenses unless you are a developer who is going to incorporate Social Lead Freak into future projects.



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From: Simon Roberts