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Social Store App Review

Social Store App is a product by Emma and Ryan Powell and Traian Turcu that allows users to turn a Facebook page into a store front for Amazon affiliate sales.

What does the product offer?

Social Store App is pretty straight forward in what it offers. Emma and Ryan Powell and Traian Turcu say that Social Store App will help people who are new to affiliate marketing to make a store easily that will allegedly help you to generate traffic by providing opportunities of said store going viral. Social Store App can be used to create as many stores as you want and comes complete with all the relevant graphics etc. Furthermore, Social Store App is optimised to comply with current Facebook terms.

How does the product work?

Social Store App operates by turning your Facebook page into something of a mock up store where you can advertise products that are for sale on Amazon on an affiliate basis. By doing this you can then earn commission whenever somebody makes a purchase through your “Facebook” store.

What is the initial investment?

Social Store App sells for a one time cost of $97, an alleged 50% discount on the claimed price of $194. Unfortunately I cannot find any mention of a money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Although actual numbers aren’t discussed, Emma and Ryan Powell and Traian Turcu frequently refer to the billions of dollars that are spent through Amazon and how you can earn a slice of this. Realistically, I feel that the potential is arguably less than running your own store and web page however this is reflected in the time and effort needed to set up.


Using Amazon’s affiliate marketplace isn’t anything new and in fact is quite a common theme in terms of making money as an affiliate. Some people find it particularly preferential because they are selling a physical product that people want as opposed to having to battle for traditional internet marketing niches. By harnessing Facebook as your store front there is definitely potential to make this easier and cheaper than ever before however I do feel that Emma and Ryan Powell and Traian Turcu sell short the amount of work that Social Store App will actually involve.

Another thing that I would recommend caution with is although Emma and Ryan Powell and Traian Turcu say that Social Store App operates within the ToS of Facebook, these are constantly changing and there is always a possibility that your business could be shut down in the immediate future.



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From: Simon Roberts