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Solid Claim Racing is the latest offering from the Betfan group with selections coming courtesy of a tipster known as Phil. It claims to offer consistent profits.

Introduction to Solid Claim Racing

As somebody who has been in this line of work for a long time I have seen a lot of changes from some of the larger tipster stables. Betfan are a fantastic example of this and I am not just referring to their svelte new website (which does genuinely look good). One of the bigger changes that I have seen is in the approach to the marketing and Solid Claim Racing is actually a pretty good example of this. The headline is still distinctly “Betfan”, reading:

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But there aren’t any ridiculous claims of 500 points of profit (subject to you staking 5 points per bet on 13 bets per day) or £50,000 in 6 months (so long as you follow an aggressive compounding plan). With this in mind, I am actually quite interested to see how Phil has done with Solid Claim Racing and whether this momentum can be carried into the future.

What Does Solid Claim Racing Offer?

In terms of what you are actually getting with Solid Claim Racing, Phil is a pretty typical example of the near daily tipsters that you generally associate with the industry. Selections are usually sent out the morning of races and are issued directly via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betfan website. As is the case with most services from the bigger tipster stables, the quality of the emails are decent enough although in order to really make Solid Claim Racing work for you BOG are a must have.

solid-claim-racing-reviewThe bets themselves are straight forward enough with Phil recommending a combination of single and each way bets to subscribers. Interestingly, there are also occasionally place bets recommended. Whilst an increasing number of bookmakers accept this bet type, historically the best place to be is on a betting exchange. One of the things that stands out from here is the range of odds which are advised and the volume of bets.

Typically speaking, Solid Claim Racing is relatively low volume however on occasion you can see a large quantity appearing (typically weekends when there is more racing on).

I mentioned the staking plans that Betfan used to use and I am very pleased to see that Solid Claim Racing has broken away from all that. Whilst there have been some 5 point stakes, the vast majority of bets that Phil advises are between 1 point and 3 points. This makes for a much more manageable betting experience and also means that the results demonstrated for Solid Claim Racing are also a better representation of what you can expect.

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate for Solid Claim Racing. Generally speaking, we are not backing horses that are particularly long odds. There is the odd occasion where Phil gets into double figures in terms of the odds, but Phil doesn’t tend to be to cavalier. This means that the strike rate actually becomes quite an important number as there has to be a degree of consistency to  the wins.

At 31.4% I think that Solid Claim Racing is just about where it needs to be. It is a long way from being bad which is definitely a good thing.

How Does Solid Claim Racing Work?

Products from Betfan are often lacking in information when it comes to how their tipsters make selections and honestly, it is a definite bugbear of mine.  Unfortunately, this applies to Solid Claim Racing as well. I genuinely believe that as a consumer you should be able to make an informed decision about the service you are buying into and whilst 8 months of proofing goes some way to making up for this, I still consider it to be information I would expect to see.

One thing that is interesting about Solid Claim Racing however which does provide some insight into Phil’s betting approach is when he talks about how tipping helps him to bet better. He says that when he is picking selections for other people, he is more restrained and less cavalier than he would be if he were betting for himself.

More specifically, he says “Sharing maintains my discipline. I have always performed better when providing selections for others. Due to the added pressure, I stick to my guns and produce better selections without losing focus and doing anything rash”. I am not certain whether or not this statement is reassuring or concerning in the grand scheme of things however.

What is the Initial Investment?

I usually find that Betfan rather price their products out of the market however Solid Claim Racing looks like a very reasonable offering. The monthly subscription is priced at just £29.97 (although it is important to note that this is actually every 28 days which means you will end up paying for Solid Claim Racing 13 times a year). Alternatively, and representing much better value is £59.94 every 90 days.

It is also worth noting the fact that as is the case with all products from Betfan, there is no real money back guarantee in place. The team do say that they review refund requests however these are not typically granted.

What is the Rate of Return?

This is one of the most contentious issues with Solid Claim Racing in my book. I mentioned earlier that BOG is your friend here and the profit and loss is why.

Here are the website claimed results:

solid-claim-racing-resultsUsing BOG, Solid Claim Racing has produced a profit of 242.76 points over 8 months. This is a decent enough result although the ROI at 15.93% could be better. To advised odds however, you would have lost 71.73 points. This is a huge difference and shows how important a part the odds can play in a tipster service.

Conclusion to Solid Claim Racing

Before I look at the results, I want to talk about the other aspects of Solid Claim Racing. The service is pretty decent looking in almost all respects. It has proven profitable, the staking plan is reasonable and the subscription costs are all a long way from extortionate.

The fact that Betfan are involved adds some weight to the service and in many respects, I want to say that Solid Claim Racing is worth your consideration. To quote Betfan themselves on the sales page, the average monthly profit is 30 points as well. £30 stakes and you are almost at £1,000 per month.

These results are also the problem though. Having and keeping access to BOG is an increasingly difficult task as a bettor these days. Bookies are more vigilant than ever when it comes to profitable betting and inevitably, this has a knock on affect on the prices that you can get etc. The fact that Phil’s advised odds have shown such a strong loss speaks volumes in my book about the longer term results, namely that they aren’t necessarily going to be so great.

If you are new to betting and have access to BOG, no restrictions etc. then you should do reasonably OK with Solid Claim Racing, but honestly, this is not everybody. In fact, chances are if you have any interest in Solid Claim Racing, it isn’t you. The fact of the matter is that Solid Claim Racing has made a substantial loss and that is off the back of the judgement of the tipster behind the service.

This slightly concerns me and as such, I am not really convinced that Solid Claim Racing would be for me.


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