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Solo Ad Solution Review

Solo Ad Solution is a guide to utilising solo ads for your marketing needs developed by Sam Zahedi.

What does the product offer?

Solo Ad Solution provides you with a complete 74 page PDF guide to making solo ads work for you. Sam Zahedi claims that solo ads cost less than other marketing methods but will generate up to ten times the traffic. He also says that by using Solo Ad Solution you can expect to expand your customer base with new leads and customers being attached to your own marketing lists. As well as the training guide Solo Ad Solution provides you with access to a member’s area forum, lifetime membership to Sam Zahedi’s exclusive PLR site and support via Skype and email.

How does the product work?

Solo Ads is essentially the act of paying another online marketer to advertise your product to their client base. Solo Ad Solution allegedly teaches you how to maximise the effectiveness of this by teaching you where to place your solo ads for maximum exposure, the optimal structure to make your solo ads stand out to customers in a chosen niche and how to maximise profits by using automated solo ads for promotion of affiliate products.

What is the initial investment?

Sam Zahedi has made Solo Ad Solution available for just $10.32 although at the time of writing he also claims that this price is limited and will only be available to the next 3 users. After this point the costs will go up. There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place for Solo Ad Solution.

What is the rate of return?

It is difficult to monetise Solo Ad Solution as it is fundamentally a training course which means that results are qualitative rather than quantitative. That having been said Sam Zahedi claims that you can increase profits by up to 200% using Solo Ad Solution.


Unfortunately there is little available in the way of evidence for Solo Ad Solution which is a shame. The method of marketing seems to be somewhat different to most that I have seen and Sam Zahedi seems to know his subject pretty well. What I would have liked was some evidence of the traffic that Solo Ad Solution claims to bring in so easily. That having been said the product is available for a relatively low price and this combined with a 30 day money back guarantee means it may be worth a look at regardless.



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From: Simon Roberts