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Solo Ad Wizard Review

Solo Ad Wizard is a training course developed by Aaron Danker that is designed to teach users how to use solo ads to generate sales.

What does the product offer?

Aaron Danker has provided his Solo Ad Wizard training course in video format with the content spread over 9 modules. These are provided a step by step structure starting with the basics and move through subjects like list creation and choosing the right list to market to ending with converting sales. As well as purchasing the training course there are options to upgrade to purchase the resell rights to Solo Ad Wizard and a further upgrade to purchase the product as a complete package for sale.

How does the product work?

Solo Ads are very basically where you pay somebody else to mail out your product to their list. Solo Ad Wizard covers choosing the correct list to market to but also appears to teach you a fair amount about building your own lists as well.

What is the initial investment?

Solo Ad Wizard is available purely as a training course for just $17. For $27 you get the reseller license and for the full install service (which essentially provides you with everything you need to start selling the product) it is $47.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return advertised and because of the nature of Solo Ad Wizard it is difficult to quantify the results.


Aaron Danker seems to have a well put together product in Solo Ad Wizard. Whist there course doesn’t seem to go into great amounts of depth it is certainly enough to set anybody who is new to Solo Ads on the road to success. The fact that you can purchase the product for resell is a nice touch and whilst I find the complete package to be a tad expensive it is worth bearing in mind that this is essentially a business in a box.



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