SPA2 Daily Tips Review

SPA2 Daily Tips is the fundamental service offered by the SPA2 team which brings together selections from a number of different tipsters.

What does the product offer?

Where do you start with what is on offer from SPA2 Daily Tips? It is a rather vast tipster service with seven different tipsters each offering their take on the days racing. Not every tipster tips each day, however over the course of a month it averages out that there is at least one selection per day. Naturally, each service takes a different approach, for example their Work Watcher tipster aims to back on handicap races in the summer and National Hunt when the season is right.

By contrast, another SPA2 Daily Tips tipster, the Place Spotter focuses on horse that place. The staking plans for each service differ slightly however but generally speaking, the SPA2 Daily Tips tipsters advise staking between £10 and £30 per bet.

In terms of the strike rate, like many numbers surrounding SPA2 Daily Tips, it varies from one tipster to another however in the main you are looking between 20 and 30%.

How does the product work?

Due to the variety in each tipsters approach, it is very difficult to say that there is a singular way that SPA2 Daily Tips works.

There are a combination of different betting systems in place, for example their tipster Barry Nicholls is a form analyst who looks at the trainers and uses this as the basis of his own ratings.

Another tipster, Neil Farmer has developed a piece of software that looks at very niche races. Realistically though, I feel that this combined approach is actually beneficial for SPA2 Daily Tips as it allows for one tipster to have a bad run whilst the others can then pick up the slack.

What is the initial investment?

The SPA2 team have a wide variety of subscription options for those who are interested in signing up. These range from 1 month to a Lifetime subscription (a guaranteed minimum of 10 years which can also be “passed on”).

The prices start at £45 per month with the lifetime package costing £999. It is also worth noting that if you subscribe for more than 3 months and don’t make a net profit to 1 point each way owi

What is the rate of return?

If you were to take the last 20 bets from all 6 of the tipsters that make up SPA2 Daily Tips, you would be showing a profit of 118.5 points (based off £10 per point stakes).

This all takes place within a 2 month time frame at most.


I have looked at a number of tipster services over the years I have been doing this but I have to hold my hands up and say that I think SPA2 Daily Tips is one of the more interesting propositions.

The fact that you have so many different tipsters working for you means that you are more likely to survive in the long term as when one drops form, there are others to keep providing you with some revenue.

All of this is achieved by SPA2 Daily Tips within a price range that I would say is very competitive, especially when compared to other tipster services.


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From: Simon Roberts