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Spartan Tennis Trading Tips Review

Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is a long standing tipster service which differs from the norm in that it provides tips for trading in game on tennis. Selections come courtesy of Patrick Ross.

What does the product offer?

It is always nice to come across something different in the world of betting and Spartan Tennis Trading Tips seems to be rather well poised to deliver on this. What is really impressive however is that Patrick Ross appears to be very genuine about his service. Rather than making ridiculous claims for marketing purposes, everything seems to be very upfront and “down the line”. With that in mind, let’s look at what makes Spartan Tennis Trading Tips stand out from the crowd.

As a tipster service, Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is operated in a fashion that will be familiar to most people reading this. What this means is that you can expect to receive your selections directly via email and these are sent out on a near daily basis. Whilst Patrick Ross says that he tries his best put out tips where possible, the nature of tennis (as well as how the service works) means that there may be days where there isn’t anything available.

In terms of the bets that you will be placing, Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is rather straight forward. It is important to point out however that this is ultimately a trading service so you will need an account with a betting exchange (as is often the case, Patrick Ross recommends Betfair). All bets are advised as back or lay with points at which you should trade out (if you don’t know what this means, I will be getting to it later). As with the fact that bets may not be available every day with Spartan Tennis Trading Tips, the volume of bets per day can vary wildly.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any formal staking plan in place with Spartan Tennis Trading Tips however Patrick Ross does recommend not staking more than 10% of your bank on any one bet. Looking over the historic bets for Spartan Tennis Trading Tips, you should generally be trading at around this level if you want to maximise the profits that you make. To minimise the risks involved here, Patrick Ross does advise using stop losses although it is worth pointing out however that even with this protection, there remains risk to your capital.

Patrick Ross claims that overall, the average strike rate for Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is “over 75%”. Having looked over more recent results however, I can advise of the following (which are based of my calculations). Between July and September 27th there were 118 bets advised by Patrick Ross. Of those 118, 73 were winners. This makes for an average strike rate of 61.86% for this period. Looking at other months in less detail, they would appear to be somewhere around this figure too.

It is also worth pointing out that that as well as getting access to Spartan Tennis Trading Tips, you also get bonus access to Pinnacle Trading Tips. This is a much smaller service and as such, bets are a lot less frequent (10-20 tips per month). These bets have a higher profit margin than those issued via Spartan Tennis Trading Tips, however that have no stop loss and come with much more risk.

How does the product work?

Patrick Ross doesn’t provide any information on what his selection process for Spartan Tennis Trading Tips actually entails, which is disappointing. We are told that he has “years of knowledge and experience” in tennis trading as well a passing reference to “researching and number crunching” but that is about it. As always, I wouldn’t expect a step by step guide, however I do feel that Patrick Ross could provide enough information for us to make an informed decision about a service that we are buying into.

This aside, as a trading service there is more to Spartan Tennis Trading Tips than the average tipster. Whether you are advised to back or lay a bet, the idea is that you will then trade off a bet once the odds have moved in the right direction. It is advised that you use a stop loss of 40% on your bets (meaning that you shouldn’t ever incur a full loss of stakes). Whilst you can trade this way manually, any good piece of trading software should allow you to set up trades at the start of the day.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options available for those who wish to subscribe to Spartan Tennis Trading Tips which are a Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. These are essentially identical in terms of content with the difference being how long they run for. The Silver Plan is monthly and costs €24.95 per month. The Gold plan is quarterly and is priced at €49.95 whilst the Platinum Plan is a lifetime membership and costs €149.95.

All options come with a 60 day money back guarantee which says that if you aren’t happy with the service, you can claim a full refund on any money spent subscribing to Spartan Tennis Trading Tips. It is worth pointing out that this is vendor operated as payment is processed directly via Paypal.

What is the rate of return?

When Patrick Ross started recording results for Spartan Tennis Trading Tips right at the end of December in 2013, it started with a betting bank of 100 points. At the start of January 2017, the year started with a betting bank of 951.35 points of profit. This means that on average, Patrick Ross’s selections have made around 300 points per year. So far for 2017 (at the time of writing), Spartan Tennis Trading Tips has made a profit of 153.54 points which puts it a little below the average, but still a reasonable profit.

Conclusion on Spartan Tennis Tips

Whilst I don’t think that Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is particularly complicated as far as betting exchange trading products go, it is important to keep in mind that some knowledge here is still a requirement. That having been said, Patrick Ross does say that he is on call should you need help or support. With this in mind, you should have the skills you need to take advantage of Spartan Tennis Trading Tips selections.

One of the stand out features of Spartan Tennis Trading Tips being a trading system rather than a straight forward tipster service is that you can do it no matter how much money you make. This means that unlike some tipsters which are reliant on bookies and best odds, there is no danger of your account being restricted or worse, closed. This adds an element of sustainability to Spartan Tennis Trading Tips that is only backed up by the long term results.

With that out of the way, the next big question is whether or not Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is any good? As far as I am concerned, it is one of the better tennis tipster services that I have looked at for some time. It definitely takes a bit of getting used to, but it is time well spent. Obviously 2017 isn’t quite as profit as the historic results show, but that is part and parcel of any tipster service. What is important is that it has produced a profit and even using £1 per point, you’d have paid for a lifetime subscription.

There is also definitely value for money here with Patrick Ross asking a very reasonable amount for a profitable tipster service. Considering the amounts that I have seen some tipsters asking for tennis tips, I would even go as far as to say that it is a bit of a bargain. With all of this in mind, I think that Spartan Tennis Trading Tips is genuinely worth a look for those who are looking to add a tennis service to their betting portfolio.


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