Sports Betting Buzz Review

Sports Betting Buzz is a newly launched tipster service from the Betfan group and Ben Miller through Tipster TV. It provides subscribers with selections from across a variety of sports.

What does the product offer?

In the sales material for Sports Betting Buzz, Ben Miller says that his services aims to win big and to win regularly. In terms of what you can expect from Sports Betting Buzz, it is a tipster service that covers multiple sports ranging from horse racing to golf to football whilst the bets that you will be placing are amongst some of the most varied that I have looked at.

Each day Ben Miller says that he will send out their best bet as well as large scale bets as well. These include various types of accumulators such as ranging from simple doubles and trebles to Lucky 15 bets and patent bets as well.

The staking plan for Sports Betting Buzz is not surprisingly based strongly on the usual Betfan method of staking 5 points per bet in order to maximise profits however this number does fluctuate with the more exotic bets.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any published strike rate for Sports Betting Buzz however given the nature of the bets involved I wouldn’t expect this to be overly high.

How does the product work?

Ben Miller says that he has accumulated a number of contacts across various sports with the main ones being the three mentioned over his 30 years of being “heavily involved” in sports betting. This he claims has allowed him to develop his own systems which are the cornerstone of Sports Betting Buzz as a tipster service.

What is the initial investment?

Tipster TV are offering 2 different packages for Sports Betting Buzz. The first of these is a monthly subscription at a cost of £20 per month or alternatively you can sign up quarterly at a cost of £40.

As is typical for a Betfan product, neither option comes with any money back guarantee however the company do say that they will review any requests.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Sports Betting Buzz has produced a 16.26 point loss over 3 months however this doesn’t paint the full picture. This actually involves Ben Miller guiding the service back from first month losses of 85 points.


In 2 months Sports Betting Buzz has made almost 70 points of profit which is a showing that has potential at the very least.

The only problem with this is that it was coming off the back of a hugely substantial loss. One of the biggest problems with Sports Betting Buzz in my opinion and something that it is hard to overlook. For all of his claims about how great a tipster he is, the fact is that Sports Betting Buzz has come back from a large deficit and this suggests that there could be more to the service than the numbers suggest.

Personally, I would wait to see if there is anything that shows a turn of momentum one way or another.


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From: Simon Roberts