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Sports Trader Master Class is a product which is offered by Tony Hargraves. It claims to provide a comprehensive package which will show you how to profitably trade on betting exchanges in a number of disciplines.

Introduction to Sports Trader Master Class 

I feel like I have looked at a lot of tipster services recently and whilst there isn’t anything wrong with that, it does mean overlooking other options. The thing with tipster services is that they can be all well and good, but ultimately, there are two main flaws. One is that you are relying on another person for your betting advice.

This can stop at any time and potentially leave you stuck. Secondly, because you don’t have control over your betting, you cannot make adjustments when things inevitably start to go wrong. If you believe Tony Hargraves, then Sports Trader Master Class is something that should really help you counter this with some very impressive claims made.

tony-hargraves-reviewWhat Does Sports Trader Master Class Offer?

Whenever it comes to anything that teaches you how to do something to do with betting, you can typically expect quite a lot. Sports Trader Master Class is no different with a lot of ground to cover.

Ultimately, Tony Hargraves says that this is a course which is aimed at “beginners to sports trading” with some elements that would also suit intermediate bettors as well. Predominantly speaking Sports Trader Master Class concerns itself with football and horse racing which makes a lot of sense.

These are the biggest betting markets in the world and there is no denying that there is more liquidity in these on Betfair.

On the subject of Betfair, I should mention that Sports Trader Master Class exclusively deals with this. Whilst there are of course other betting exchanges available, when it comes to trading there is a need to get bets matched very quickly which is where the subject of liquidity comes into things again.

So, what do you actually get access to when you sign up to Sports Trader Master Class? The short answer is a lot of different videos. Before launching the online product, Tony Hargraves has delivered a number of different seminars on how to make money trading on Betfair (including hosting events for Betfair Australia). All of this has resulted in more than 20 videos which are made up of a combination of actual training as well as some live trading videos.

The training that is provided with Sports Trader Master Class is a comprehensive package, there is no getting around this. 12 videos are dedicated to showing you Tony Hargraves’s processes and what you need to do in order to become a successful trader.

These look at a multitude of different topics ranging from things that you would expect such as analysis and research to trading techniques and strategies. There are also things that you may not think of such as money management, the psychology of trading, and discipline.

As mentioned, there are also a number of live trading videos which tie into the core product and demonstrate the principles of Sports Trader Master Class in real world examples. When combined with the training element of the service, this makes for a pretty decent combination.  

How Does Sports Trader Master Class Work?

Obviously the core of what Sports Trader Master Class is about boils down to Tony Hargraves passing on his knowledge and understanding of sports betting and betting on horse racing.

In structuring Sports Trader Master Class as a training course, you are taking the skills that have been developed over “a ten year trading experience”. In showing you how to do things for yourself, I believe that ultimately, Sports Trader Master Class opens doors that a tipster service or the like may not.

Naturally there is no real “method” behind Sports Trader Master Class in the “if x then y” sense of things. Pretty much everything that this service is about is effectively hard work and dedication. Tony Hargraves even says this in the sales material stating the following:

What this course is NOT!

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • An instant route to success.
  • Easier than any other normal job.

Ultimately though, if you follow the training you should complete Sports Trader Master Class with strategies for horse racing, football, trading out, and scalping. There are of course other elements to this but I feel it would be unreasonable to Tony Hargraves if I were to start going into any real detail about Sports Trader Master Class.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option which is available if you want to sign up to Sports Trader Master Class and there is no real way of getting around the fact that it is quite expensive. Tony Hargraves is asking £199 for access to the training.

This is a substantial amount to ask and there are some definite arguments to be made about value for money but I will pick these up a little later. It is worth noting that this is a one time payment and that there is no refund policy in place.   

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for Sports Trader Master Class, this is a complicated thing to calculate. First things first, there are no particular claims made in terms of your income potential.

This makes sense given the fact that ultimately, this is a service that provides you with knowledge rather than something that leads to direct numeration. With that having been said, I do believe that if you apply everything that is taught in Sports Trader Master Class, there is some potential for profit to be made.  

Conclusion on Sports Trader Master Class 

Knowing how to rate a training course can be a difficult thing as realistically, the skills that they can teach you can last a lifetime. With that having been said, there are still some measures that you can use when considering a service. In the case of Sports Trader Master Class, one of the areas that I want to start is the quality of the overall package.

This is a well put together product and it is quite apparent that Tony Hargraves knows his stuff, although there have been a few rumours over the years about Tony, one being that he went toa customers house to show live trading, and lost a bundle of money!

I wish that I could wrap this up here but there are some other things to consider. Tony Hargraves talks about this being a beginners package and this shows in some of the approaches to strategies. They are quite simplistic which is all well and good if you come into this knowing nothing, but the more you know, the less value there is to be had here.

One of the last things that I want to touch on is value for money. Sports Trader Master Class is quite pricey for something which is aimed at the beginners end of the market. For what you are being asked to pay, I know that there are some very proven strategies here on this website that cost much less.

Does this mean that Sports Trader Master Class is an inherently ad product? Not at all, but I am not quite sold on the value aspect. I think that if you are setting out on your trading journey, £200 is a lot of money that could be used to making money.

With all of this in mind, I really don’t think that Sports Trader Master Class is a bad product. At risk of sounding like I’m sitting on the fence, it is quiet apparent to me that this service will be of value to ‘some’ people. I just don’t see it personally. I would rather have my money working for me making more money.

Tony Hargraves is one of a few traders that gets talked about in Betfair circles. There are of course other traders who offer such courses. Caan Berry being one of them, Peter Webb who owns Betangel and who runs a residential course, and then there is BFScalper.

We reviewed BFScalper (which is a Betfair Scalping Course) a while ago, and this receives raving reviews from users.  It is cheaper also, but proven and can be found here:

Back on to the conclusion though:

Whilst Sports Trader Master Class could pay for itself over time, this could prove a particularly long period. With all of this in mind, this means that where you ultimately stand on it will depend on what you are looking for and your position.



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