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SportSure is a Brand New Betfair Training Course That Has Hit The Trading Market


Offered by Tim Lowe, and taught by seasoned Betfair professionals Pauline Wheeler-Reid, and Tony Langley.

Pauline, and Tony have been generating fantastic profits from Betfair, and for the first time ever, have decided to train students how to do exactly the same. If you have ever tried to generate profits using the Betfair Exchange, then you will know that unless you know what to do, you may come unstuck.

Now you have the perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of people who already do what you are looking to achieve, and following the SportSure training, you will be able to replicate the success Pauline and Tony achieve on a weekly basis.

OK, I am looking to learn more about SportSure, what exactly is Betfair?

Betfair was established in the year 2000. Since then, they have become the biggest betting company online in the UK. Also, Betfair is now the biggest betting exchange on the Internet. Betfair has revealed that they are now controlling approximately 90% of the entire global exchange industry. At Betfair, all of the traders have the opportunity to directly bet against all other online traders instead of betting against the bookies – this is important.

Therefore, this provides the ‘lay and back’ betting options. Laying means betting against an event that is to happen and backing means betting for events that are to happen. SportSure will show you the best way to do this, to make the maximum amount of profit.

Are there any restrictions using Betfair for profits?

There actually are no restrictions on the amount that could be placed within the market, and this amount of money is managed by Betfair until all results finished, and the pay out is due. Aside from this, Betfair charges traders a special amount for commission which most often is 2-5% of the total bet amount. This commission only works for winnings and no special amount is charged on bets that do not win. Furthermore, Betfair charges a “premium” to traderswho are winning higher prizes than the total amount of the entire commission they are rendering. The “premium” happens even if the betting tax is not considered “trader friendly”. Although, if you are making significant sums of profit, we are sure you will not mind paying such fees.

Isn’t Betfair just a bookie, so how can SportSure take advantage?

Betfair is NOT a bookmaker, but a betting exchange. Betfair has many advantages over bookies betting.

All traders can select their own betting odds and will have the ability to go with all fixed oSportSure Reviews by Time Lowedds provided by all bookies. A particular bet is accepted only when this could match another person’s bet which, by the way, is determined through Betfair’s trading platform. Betfair, allows in-play betting also. This is the option to lay or back up until the whole event is considered done and does not have to happen in the beginning only. SportSure takes a real advantage of this.

Moreover, the entire outcome of a particular event is anticipated to be more exact and accurate on the Betfair platform since they will generate money from the set commission on the winning bets. This is actually in contrast to that of the betting style of bookies which is generating money regardless of the supposed result of a bet. Although traditional bookies might appear to be more fit at times because of its attractive features, they still could not provide the trading exchange’s flexibility – hence the popularity of Betfair as a whole.

To be able to trade on Betfair, all traders need to begin by signing up for an account and depositing enough funds in order to cover the person’s bets at all times. Betfair is actually keeping a record of each of their customer’s game history. Aside from this, the system is designed to monitor and document all of their bettors’ activities.

OK, But what about SportSure, How will it work?

SportSure will teach you, through a set series on monthly courses how to profit from certain conditions on Betfair. Pauline, and Tony have been using these strategies for a long time, and continue to make great profits week, after week, and for the first time, they have now created a training course that will teach YOU, how to do exactly the same.

As with anything in this life, if you can learn from the people who are already achieving the results you wish to attain, then it is obviously a more viable router to train with such people, instead of making all the mistakes yourself.

Does SportSure have a money back guarantee?

Of course, as with all service offered to you by Tim Lowe, there is a money back guarantee, so you will have nothing to lose. You should be looking at the guarantee as peace of mind that the training you are about to receive will deliver on it’s promises.

Remember, Tony and Pauline have been using the very same techniques to make serious profit for themselves, so it goes without saying, that what they will be showing you, are strategies that will work, and if not, then you have not really got anything to lose.
You can join the SportSure website by visiting the following:


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Blue side of the town

Has anyone tried this yet?

I am tempted to give this ago?


I am just reading through everything now. Having not done anything like this before I too searched to see if anybody else was doing this.

I have just watched the main video of the method they are explaining for the first month, and it does seem easy so far, but obviously the proof will be when I start trading the method live.

I am looking forward to the first webinar on Sat though, as hopefully it will iron our any questions I might have.


The concern I have with this, is that if thousands have subscribed already, considering the first method given in the first month, then surely the liquidity is going to be affected, and the opportunities depleted?

Can you confirm that this will not happen?

Hi. Is there any way to see the stats mention in the video about the 327 chances in a month that Tony said he found, and with only 23 or so not making a profit. Id be very interested in seeing that before commencing with this. T. Kershaw

I too have joined this sportsure programme. I’ll be having a detailed look over the website at the weekend when I have more time, and am hoping to get started just after that. I did look last night and the first month seems doable, I hope the subsequent months provide more profit though than doubling the money in a month which is what the first month promises.

Trading Newbie’s comment is a good and valid one.

I tried this this weekend and thought I seen a lot of new money come into the market. This was noticeable in less liquid markets.

Not being negative yet in anyway, just saying what i witnessed

Can this be started by anyone or do they need experience? I am very interested in it after watching the vids on how it is done. Thanks.

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