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Stable Kings Review

Stable Kings is an independent and allegedly limited release horse racing tipster service that is operated by James Talbot and Andy Savage.

What does Stable Kings offer?

According to James Talbot, Stable Kings is a tipster service in which he and partner Andy Savage can share their selections with users. Selections are claimed to be a daily thing and are sent directly to users email. Outside of this, there is actually very little information provided and I am not at all surprised to find that Stable Kings offers no proofing, despite “guru” James Talbot claiming to be a millionaire from his selections. In fact, the only indicator of performance is when James Talbot says that Stable Kings has the pair “winning a huge percentage of our placed bets”. This is contrary to immediately afterwards where he says that Stable Kings “[backs] all our horses to level stakes and all to win”.

How does Stable Kings work?

Central to the selection process for Stable Kings is the partner in the business, Andy Savage. James Talbot claims that he is a professional bettor who started out using knowledge his ex trainer father passed on. Since a chance meeting (isn’t it always?), the pair started developing their own strategy which would ultimately become Stable Kings.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options available if you wish to purchase Stable Kings. The first of these is 3 months of selections which will cost you £19.99 whilst you can get 6 months of selections for £29.99. Fortunately, Stable Kings is sold through Clickbank so there is a 60 day money back guarantee (something that I can’t help but feel you will want to use). It is worth noting that Stable Kings is claimed to be restricted to just 25 places but I frankly don’t believe that one bit.

What is the rate of return?

Stable Kings is sold on the back of thousands of pounds in profit each month. As mentioned, James Talbot claims to be a millionaire and even shows a “screenshot” showing over £60,000 in a William Hill betting account.

Conclusion on Stable Kings

Stable Kings is a perfect example of the kind of tipster service that I cannot recommend avoiding enough. There are a massive number of problems with this that I shall now explore. First and foremost is the website itself which goes out of its way to offer no real information on the product or service. Instead you are sold a story about how James Talbot managed to almost ruin himself financially before stumbling onto a winning system, in this case through his friend Andy Savage. Secondly is the lack of proofing. This is a basic requirement for any horse racing tipster service that genuinely wants to perform well.

The final nail in the coffin for Stable Kings comes from the seller through Clickbank. Whilst the website all has hidden registrant details, the Clickbank ID is well known to me for putting out horse racing tipster services that almost all follow an identical template to Stable Kings. I would personally give this a very wide berth.



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From: Simon Roberts