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Stableline Gold Review

Stableline Gold is an email based premium horse racing tipster service operated by Simon Holden under the Betfan umbrella of tipsters.

What does the product offer?

Stableline Gold was Betfan’s 3rd best performing tipster service for 2014 so looking at it I was hoping to see something rather exciting. The fact is however that Stableline Gold is actually a very typical tipster service. Simon Holden says bets are sent out via SMS and email which appears to be a relatively sporadic thing, namely down to the selection method for Stableline Gold (something I shall look at later). Bets for Stableline Gold are technically level stakes however since these are based around an absolutely staggering 10 point bets this is something of a moot point. This high value betting strategy seems especially concerning when combined with a strike rate of 30.09% for 2014.

How does the product work?

The selection process that Simon Holden claims to be in place for Stableline Gold is arguably the most interesting aspect. The service is based seemingly entirely on his network of informants that he says have been built up discreetly over a number of years with some of the top trainers in places like Newmarket, Lambourn and Epsom. Each is allegedly placed at the centre of each training centre and reports back to “only one person”, Simon Holden. This information is then passed on to you via Stableline Gold.

What is the initial investment?

Stableline Gold is available in three different packages (through a somewhat crude sales funnel). You can start by picking a 3 month Bronze subscription or a 6 month Silver subscription, each of which then gives you the option to go for a 12 month Gold subscription. These are priced at a whopping £247, £397 and £597 respectively. None of these come with any real money back guarantee with Betfan saying simply that they review requests.

What is the rate of return?

Stableline Gold is a long running service and since the end of 2012 has made a total profit of 555.39 points. For 2014 however the total made was just 130.47 points. If you take away the 10 point stakes which I don’t really see as being affordable, this is an abysmal looking 13.04 points for the year. This isn’t helped by the fact that in a single month Simon Holden managed to cut the profits in half with a bad run on one occasion and lose another 150 points of profit on another.


Stableline Gold is undoubtedly a premium tipster service. This is clearly reflected in what Betfan are listing it at. The problem however is that the results simply don’t reflect this. The service is expensive, high risk at 10 points a go and just hasn’t really produced a substantial profit. There are more stable services that have produced better results for less money and with less exposure of your bank. The two massive dips in profit are also a massive case for concern having happened twice in a year. Really there isn’t a lot about Stableline Gold that I like and as such there is very little doubt that I wouldn’t recommend this in the slightest.



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From: Simon Roberts