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Stallion Racing Picks Review

Stallion Racing Picks is a horse racing tipster service provided through Sportsworld Publishing by a group of Italy based German tipsters.

What does the product offer?

Stallion Racing Picks provides users with a near daily tipster service for horse racing in the UK. All bets appear to be win bets with odds that are generally between 1.5 and 3.0 although the odds can get into double figures occasionally. Selections are sent out via email before races. So far Stallion Racing Picks has produced a strike rate of 49.24% according to Sportsworld Publishing’s figures which have utilised a mainly level staking plan however there are a few bets that are advised at higher stakes.

How does the product work?

Sportsworld Publishing say that the team behind Stallion Racing Picks use a number of different online resources to obtain statistics etc. They will then allegedly spend up to four hours, sometimes more in the event of bad weather identifying selections from this shortlist. This is however as deep as it goes in terms of the selection process for Stallion Racing Picks.

What is the initial investment?

Stallion Racing Picks is available on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis which will cost you £49 and £119 respectively. As is the case with most tipster services, Stallion Racing Picks does not come with any form of money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Sportsworld Publishing sell Stallion Racing Picks on the back of a claimed profit of £6,400 between October and the start of February however this is based on £100 stakes. This means a 64 point profit.


As far as tipster services go Stallion Racing Picks ticks most of the boxes however the because of the costs involved there are questions that have to be asked about performance. Whilst I accept that any tipster service has ups and downs and that is part of the industry, I think that for £50 per month I would personally expect a little more than Stallion Racing Picks offers.



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From: Simon Roberts