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Star Geldings Review

Star Geldings is an email based tipster service from Brian Tomlinson that is marketed by Tipster Hub. It favours high BSP to generate profit.

What does the product offer?

Star Geldings by all accounts seems to be a pretty standard tipster service. Brian Tomlinson selects horses with longer odds with the aim being to provide selections in the 20-50 BSP horses. The actual average Star Geldings winners BSP is around 8.3 This obviously means that Star Geldings will have a low strike rate which stands at 16.75%. Star Geldings selections seem to be somewhat sporadic and rarely seem to be a daily thing.

How does the product work?

This is the area that most tipster services fall down and Star Geldings is no different. There are a lot of claims that Brian Tomlinson is a horse racing nut and a professional bettor, but there is a disappointing lack of information on how selections are made. There is the pretty typical spiel about how Brian Tomlinson has been betting for years and developed numerous systems before Star Geldings but the fact is, there is a lack of anything tangible.

What is the initial investment?

Tipster Hub offer 3 different subscription types for Star Geldings. These are £47 for 2 months, £87 for 6 months and £117 for 12 months. There is a guarantee of sorts for Star Geldings but it is rather odd. Essentially if you are unhappy with the service you have 7 days to apply what you paid to another Tipster Hub product. Unfortunately at the time of writing, Star Geldings is their only one.

What is the rate of return?

Between April 2013 and July 2014, Star Geldings has produced an overall profit of 651.4 points. This represents an average profit of 40.71 points of profit per month.


Honestly, Star Geldings just doesn’t seem to surpass a relatively average service. The profits so far have proven respectable, but nor are they what I would call exciting. The tipster market is one that is massively saturated, and to stand out you have to do something different or t be ruthlessly efficient with selections, something that Star Geldings and Brian Tomlinson unfortunately don’t achieve in my book.

That doesn’t mean that Star Geldings is a bad product, it just isn’t that different to the rest of the crowd.



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