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Stars and Stripes Review

Stars and Stripes is a sports betting service operated under the Betting Gods stable of tipsters that involves betting on US sporting events.

What does the product offer?

Stars and Stripes is a tipster service offering advice and selections for a host of US sports from the NBA (basketball) to the NHL (ice hockey) and American Football. You will typically receive between 55 and 65 bets per month which according to Betting Gods will produce an average strike rate of 58.9%. Stars and Stripes uses a number of different types of bets ranging from the obvious ones like picking a winner to total points as well as over/under bets. These are all backed using a simple to follow level staking system.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately Betting Gods do not make any real effort to explain what the selection process behind Stars and Stripes actually is. In fact, all that you are really told is that the tipster behind Stars and Stripes is a “US Sports Betting God” and that they devote most of their time to monitoring team news and trends. This suggests to me that Stars and Stripes is likely to be a form based service, especially given the fact that form arguably plays a bigger part in US sports than most traditional European options.

What is the initial investment?

Stars and Stripes is available on either a monthly, quarterly or a lifetime subscription. Betting Gods charge £14.95, £39.95 and £119.95 respectively for the service. There is also a one month trial available which will cost you just £4.95. Because it is a Betting Gods product, Stars and Stripes is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that you are unhappy with the service, a rarity with tipsters these days.

What is the rate of return?

Income potential for Stars and Stripes seems to be somewhat limited with the service making 62.8 points of profit since its launch which is respectable enough, but projects for around 240 points for the year.


Betting on American sports is an increasingly popular method of betting in the UK, unfortunately there are few services that are able to do consistently well in it. Stars and Stripes seems to have some real potential in this regard with a strong strike rate and what ultimately amounts to a profit. This isn’t a high earning product though and in using Stars and Stripes, you should expect a slow and theoretically safer growth of your betting bank. This does have an impact on earnings which aren’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination however nor are they substantial.

I feel that Stars and Stripes would be best implemented as part of a large portfolio of tipster services whereby you want a consistent option for American sports. As a stand alone tipster service, the fact is that there is more profit potential in other systems and I would be more inclined to look at if you want to earn a reasonable monthly income.



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