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Steve Good Racing Review

Steve Good Racing is a horse racing tipster service provided by the eponymous Steve Good through Winning Information Network.

What does the product offer?

Steve Good Racing is a relatively new horse racing tipster service to the Betfan group having enjoyed several months of success under their Tipster Planet service. Providing daily Steve Good Racing is a service that uses a number of different bet types and stakes in order to maximise profits. For example, bets are advised as singles, doubles and eve trebles with stakes that range from 1 point all the way up to 5 points. In the 6 months that it has been operational Steve Good Racing has achieved an average strike rate of 47.69% although this has been closer to 30% for the last 3 months.

How does the product work?

Steve Good claims to have developed his knowledge of horse racing from an early age by looking at a number of things which he claims includes a knowledge of form, trainers and jockeys. This knowledge is very much the core of Steve Good Racing.

What is the initial investment?

Steve Good Racing is subscription based and is sold on a monthly or quarterly basis. These will cost you £45 and £90 respectively. Because this is a Betfan product there isn’t really any money back guarantee in place however they do say that they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

In the 6 months that it has been operational Steve Good Racing has achieved a profit of 660.55 points with no losing months.


On paper Steve Good Racing looks like a great option however I do feel that there are some things that need to be considered before buying it. For example a relatively typical run of 6 losses produced a loss of 19 points which is pretty significant. Admittedly a double came in immediately after this winning 26 points, but it highlights that there is very much an element of risk involved in Steve Good Racing. This means that you will need a large betting bank and a lot of nerves to see it through should a big losing streak crop up. If you are ok with this high risk betting strategy then Steve Good Racing has the potential to be able to make some pretty decent money but it is definitely not for me.



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From: Simon Roberts