Stick to the Point Review

Stick to the Point is a horse racing tipster service which claims to provide subscribers with a consistent profit. It is operated by tipster Eric Taylor.

Introduction to Stick to the Point

I love a good dose of irony. As such, the fact that Eric Taylor has chosen to highlight Stick to the Point with “You have been personally invited to this page. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK” is rather delightful to me. This is down to the not inconsiderable fact that I was made aware of the service through an affiliate link.

In fact, “Eric Taylor” has very clearly set the service up to be promoted by affiliate marketers, although I will get to this a little as it is actually a very important factor with Stick to the Point. None the less, I will be professional and try to keep my cynicism to a minimum. With all of this said, let’s have a look at what you are actually getting into here.

What Does Stick to the Point Offer?

Eric Taylor is very obtuse when it comes to Stick to the Point and as such, there frankly isn’t a lot to work with. Given the attitude of the marketing, this probably won’t come  as a surprise.

None the less, I will cover as much as I can here. In terms of what you are actually getting, Stick to the Point is a pretty straight forward daily horse racing tipster service. Selections are issued directly via email to subscribers simply leaving you to place bets.

Rather disappointingly, whilst Stick to the Point does give you a basic amount of information in these emails, I do believe that compared to some services I have seen it is rather lacking in this department.

In terms of the bets themselves, from what I have seen, Stick to the Point is exclusively providing straight win bets. It would appear that this is to be the case longer term as Eric Taylor is keen to lambast bettors who start betting outside of the advice of their tipster. This ties in with the mention of the attitude of the marketing and is a bit of a theme across the whole product.

Whilst on the subject of the bets, there is something of a preference for longer odds with a volume that I would refer to politely as manageable. This means that you can expect a good few each day, however Stick to the Point is yet to get into the double figures.

The staking plan for Stick to the Point is very straight forward and has so far been based around single point level stakes. This is rather interesting and makes for some rather interesting calculations, particularly around the profits, although I will get to these a little later on.

Keeping on with the numbers side of Stick to the Point, Eric Taylor appears to suggest that the strike rate for the service will be around 75%. It is worth noting however that there is no long term proofing for this. Furthermore, this number is actually based off a single day which I can’t help but believe has been specially selected for the results that have been generated.

How Does Stick to the Point Work?

I have used the term obtuse referring to both Eric Taylor and their approach to Stick to the Point and not surprisingly, this means that we are given very little information on the inner workings of the service. This is particularly bothersome for me as I have long maintained that consumers have the right to understand what they are buying into.

Unfortunately, the approach for Stick to the Point seems to be that Eric Taylor knows what he is doing. We should take this at face value and blindly follow his instruction to profit. Frankly, that concerns me.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option which is made available for Stick to the Point if you want to purchase it. This is to sign up for a 90 day period at a cost of £30 plus VAT. This is however supposedly limited to just 50 “trial members”. All of this sounds reasonable in principle however I am not entirely sold on Stick to the Point for a number of reasons which I will explore.

One of them however is the fact that Eric Taylor entirely fails to mention that there is a 60 day money back guarantee which is provided as Clickbank handle the transaction.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main figure that surrounds Stick to the Point and is key to the whole thing is the claimed ability of Eric Taylor to turn £10 into £100 every week. It is worth pointing out that these numbers are based around level stake of £10 per bet and that you will need a bigger bank than this.

Whilst this sounds quite reasonable as a pounds and pence scenario (it is only £5,200 extra per year. Well within the realm of possibility right?), the fact of the matter is that this means Stick to the Point would have to generate 10 points per week to 1 point stakes consistently. This seems quite unrealistic to me, and would amount to 520 points in a year, a phenomenal undertaking.

Conclusion on Stick to the Point

There are some massively impressive sounding claims made when it comes to Stick to the Point and I am always on board with any service which can produce a strong profit. Unfortunately, this is almost entirely based on my belief in said products ability deliver and honestly, I don’t really find that faith here when it comes to Stick to the Point. There are a number of reasons for this, some much more apparent than others.

Eric Taylor has done a very good job of making Stick to the Point seem like a genuine and down to earth service, so if I may, hats off to him in this regard. The whole drill sergeant routine can work very well in marketing and again, Eric Taylor does a good job of handling punters in such a way that you would have to be supremely confident not to doubt your self even a little bit And of course, whilst Stick to the Point is so inexpensive, why wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

All of this leads really nicely into one of my main points which is predominantly around marketing. Put bluntly, Stick to the Point is another product which has been produced by an internet marketer with the intent of being published, heavily pushed and generally speaking, wrapped up in a relatively short space of time.

This is a reasonable assumption to make as I am very familiar with the person who is actually trying to sell Stick to the Point and they have put out a lot of products.

With all of this in mind, it probably doesn’t come as any surprise that I can’t really bring myself to recommend Stick to the Point. There are a lot of genuine products on the market and whilst they may not work out as much as Stick to the Point, I would rather pay more for a better service.

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From: Simon Roberts