Strategy Betting Tips Review

Strategy Betting Tips is a new product by the Trend Ventures group. The service claims to provide profitable in play betting tips for football.

What does the product offer?

I look at a lot of different products in my line of work and I have to pass on some credit to Trend Ventures here. The sales material for Strategy Betting Tips is very slick and well put together and there is absolutely no denying that everything looks to be above board. If this is a genuine product, then as far as I am concerned it is a total none brainer. Unfortunately, I do have to confess to having one or two niggling feelings which I can’t shake off.

In terms of what you are getting with Strategy Betting Tips, their entirely straight forward headline says it best. A pay as you win live football bet tipping service. Whilst I admit that this is perhaps a tad convoluted, there is also no denying that it is fundamentally exactly what Strategy Betting Tips is. Once again, the performance is something that remains to be seen.

So, without becoming sarcastically meta, what actually is Strategy Betting Tips? It is actually a relatively straightforward tipster service, albeit one that has a number of interesting aspects. First of all, there is no daily selections or every Friday. This is because the Trend Ventures team behind Strategy Betting Tips focus exclusively on in play betting. This means that you can receive a message at any point to place a bet which should ideally be done as close to immediately as possible.

This is in no small part down to how Strategy Betting Tips is claimed to work (which I will get to shortly). In order to help you with getting to grips with this new method of betting, Strategy Betting Tips also comes with instructions and a manual. The long and short of it however is that when you receive a selection, you have to act on it as quickly as possible in order to secure the best possible price.

In terms of the numbers, there isn’t any set staking plan in place as such. This is something of a disappointment in my book as a lot of the service is pretty well put together. Given the claim that average odds are around 2.0, I wouldn’t want to invest more than a few points per bet personally. The strike  is claimed to be a rather astonishing 70% which for any backing service is a very high number. It is worth pointing out however that Trend Ventures provide no real evidence to back this up. There certainly isn’t any proofing etc. provided which is something of a disappointment.

As well as the tipster service, there is also a referral programme in place with Strategy Betting Tips. Essentially, every time that you refer somebody to Trend Ventures, you will receive 15% of any money that they spend on credits. Supposedly, affiliates will average around €7,000 per year with this although there isn’t any real information about this either.

How does the product work?

Trend Ventures say that there is “Nothing like [Strategy Betting Tips] on the market” and if what they are saying is correct, then I could believe it. The whole thing is software based which isn’t in and of itself anything new. The fact that it monitors something (presumably betting markets) and automatically sends out tips to subscribers based on set criteria. Furthermore, it is able to “take into consideration multiple scenarios”.

When these triggers are met, selections are issued. This all sounds well and good and dare I say impressive, however I am not entirely sold on this. The problem lies in the fact that whilst we are told that the software achieves all of these tasks, there is nothing that I would say demonstrates any of it.

What is the initial investment?

Strategy Betting Tips is a tipster service in which you only pay when you win. This is a method of pricing which can work out well for punters however I am not convinced that Trend Ventures have put together a package which even comes close to being beneficial for users. Essentially, you buy a bundle of credits from Trend Ventures. These credits are then deducted from your account as winning bets are sent out. This means that whether you are able to place a bet or not, you are still charged.

There are 3 packages available which offer a basic package which offers 50 credits, a standard package which offers 105 credits and finally, a pro package which offers 215 credits. These are priced at €50, €100 and €200 respectively. The astute of you will no doubt have realised that this means paying for the winning bets before you actually receive any. When a winning bet does come in, your account will be deducted 5 credits.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really any proofing provided for Strategy Betting Tips, as I have discussed before now which is unfortunate, especially since there isn’t any real discussion about what you can earn.They do however provide a calculator which tells you how much profit you would supposedly earn in a given month. This demonstrates that as a service Strategy Betting Tips has made a points profit of 47.5.

Conclusion on Strategy Betting Tips

Most of the tipster services that I look at are questionable. I am not nearly naïve enough to believe that the majority work as advertised. Strategy Betting Tips is a particularly cynical effort as far as I am concerned. Generally speaking, there is somebody behind the service who believes in their products. Here however, everything seems to be geared towards simply taking money.

This is evidenced I two key areas. The first is the fact that a pay to win service insists on you paying upfront. I just don’t see how Trend Ventures can advertise as such when you have to buy a currency that you “pay” for bets with from them. The second is the affiliate scheme. I know that almost every company online has an affiliate scheme of some sort in place, I have even made a bit of money through some of them. In the case of Strategy Betting Tips however, it is a special kind of blanket affiliate programme that seems to be aimed at simply getting as many people as possible signed up to Strategy Betting Tips as quickly as possible.

If all of this wasn’t enough to put you off, there is also the fact that there is simply no evidence supplied that the service can even get close to the claimed results. I have known tipsters who have earned in a month what Strategy Betting Tips has maintained over a year. It certainly goes a long way to showing what this piece of software that is seemingly miraculous actually does.

For me, this is a product that I just can’t any value in whatsoever. It has a flashy website and it talks a big game, but none of this means anything if it can’t really make enough money to be profitable. Working on 80 bets per month and even the best value, you would have to have paid €800 for 47.5 points of winnings. In turn, this would represent bets of €17 just to break even. This is more than enough reason for me to advise giving Strategy Betting Tips a very substantial miss, no matter how good it may look.



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