Stream Store Review

Stream Store is a new product from Ariel Sanders that allows users to quickly and easily build themed Amazon stores that have access to “unlimted products”.

What does the product offer?

Stream Store is a decet looking piece of kit at first glance and it is clear that Ariel Sanders has put a lot of work into the software itself. As a piece of softwarem the key selling point of Stream Store is that you don’t have to import lists from Amazon in order to list their products on your ecommerce store. Furthermore, Stream Store will look at where your customers are from and will only offer them items through their local Amazon “branch” which allows you to capitalise on the international market. As I have already touched upon, Ariel Sanders has built into Stream Store the ability to design your own themes for your store.

These are a long way from the typical Amazon format, something that Ariel Sanders claims will help your store to stand out. As a piece of software, every aspect of Stream Store is supposedly designed to be easy to use and very user friendly with users simply needing to search of a category or keyword in order to build a store. As you would expect from a product of this nature, Stream Store also comes with full integration for social media as well as an analytics suite. Also included are a number of bonuses, most of which aren’t related to the main product.

How does the product work?

The main selling point behind Stream Store is that by allowing people to search for anything on Amazon through your store, you won’t ever miss a sale. Ariel Sanders says that this is a big step over simply importing relevant niche items and hoping for the best, so to speak.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two options available for Stream Store which are a single site license which is being sold for $28. There is also a multi site license for Stream Store which lets you install the software on 50 different websites which is currently being marketed at $29.93. With both of these options, Ariel Sanders offers users a full 30 day money back guarantee should you find that you aren’t happy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

When it comes to returns, there is only really one claim that is made and that is how in just 1 week, you can supposedly make $4,276.57. Personally, I don’t believe that this is a particularly attainable figure.


Stream Store makes some pretty good looking stores, but so do a lot of other plugins and not all of those are expensive. The key feature that this leaves for Stream Store is that you can find anything that is on Amazon, which simply begs the question, why wouldn’t people just go directly to Amazon instead? There is also the small problem that one of the best way to profit as an affiliate is through using niche terms and building stores around this (a method that has been tried and tested). What this means however is that somebody is then highly unlikely to go from searching your store for small appliances to look for a 65” TV. Personally, whilst I can see the interest in Stream Store and the benefits, I don’t see it being something that is for me.



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