Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips Review

Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is a relatively new horse racing tipster service which is operated by an unnamed tipster. The service claims to provide a high winning strike rate for their subscribers.

Introduction to Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips

It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking at a service called Strike Rate Racing. It was brand new and offered very little information on what you can expect from the service. I was very much not sold on it and recommended avoiding the whole thing. Since then, I have received more emails regarding them and their “Pro Tips”.

Looking into it, there seems to have been some overlap with their existing service, which is very interesting to me. Especially since looking at Strike Rate Racing initially has mostly involved me getting a lot of emails from them pushing other affiliate tipsters in the window. So here we are, 2 months later, reviewing Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips.

strike-rate-racing-review This is all a bit new to me and I haven’t ever seen a tipster service branch off from an original launch so quickly. So with a rapid rebranding in place and a number of affiliates pushing the product, I would consider it prudent not to look at Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips and see if it is in fact anything new.

What Does Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips Offer?

Whilst the sales material doesn’t say a lot about the service, it does do a good job of priming you for what you can expect from the service. Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is a near daily horse racing tipster service, and as you would probably anticipate, it doesn’t look to break the mould in terms of how things are ran.

This means that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips subscribers can expect to receive their selections via email, usually the morning of the racing, albeit sometimes a little later than I would like. These are of a reasonable quality and contain enough information to get your bets placed.

Talking of the bets, Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips doesn’t look to do anything different or new here either. All bets are advised as straight win bets, usually to be backed at certain odds. The availability of these is somewhat questionable half the time, but this is a point I want to pick up a little later on.

There are never more than 4 bets advised on a given day which helps to keep Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips sustainable. In terms of the odds that you are backing, there is a strong leaning towards favourites and much shorter odds with Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips, as such, you shouldn’t expect huge returns on individual bets.

In terms of the staking plan for Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips, all the bets that I have seen have been advised to be backed at level stakes of 1 point per bet. This is something that I believe to ultimately be necessary given the overall nature of the service. There is no getting around the fact that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips does favour backing favourites and as I will explore in depth a little later, this impacts a lot of elements of the wider service.

Now finally, we come to the all important strike rate. It is apparently at the centre of everything that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips, so much so that it is right there in the name. Unfortunately, there is no specific claim made here.

Which is disappointing. The results that I have seen are actually relatively in line with a high strike rate however I have also noticed that when numbers are quoted by the Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips team, it is typically off the back of a wider win streak. Realistically, I don’t see this being a high enough strike rate to really wow you.

How Does Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips Work?

In terms of how selections are actually made for Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips, we are told nothing. This is undoubtedly a disappointment and a problem for me.

As I have said a number of times before now, I believe that as a consume you should always have the right to make an informed decision. Whilst this doesn’t mean a tipster giving away their system in full, a few bits of information here and there can allow you to understand whether a service is or isn’t for you. Especially when it doesn’t feature any long term published results.

None the less, there is some information that can clearly be extrapolated from Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips. The fact that the service boasts of a high strike rate and favours favourites suggests a simple approach to me. Win often and win as big as you can. This is an approach that undoubtedly can work and I have seen used successfully with some tipster services before now. I am however nor quite as convinced when it comes to Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips for reasons that I want to explore in full.

What is the Initial Investment?

Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is available on both a monthly subscription as well as an annual one. These are priced at £12 and £67 (plus VAT) for each of their respective subscription periods.

One thing that I believe it is important to note that the Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips team don’t actually discuss, is the fact that the service is sold through Clickbank. This means that should you find that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips isn’t for you, you do have a 60 day period in which you can claim a refund. As mentioned, this isn’t ever actually mentioned in the sales material though.

What is the Rate of Return?

As it transpires, the results for Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips haven’t turned out to be all that great. Despite the claims of being based around a high strike rate (once again), the service has by and large not turned up as many winners as you would hope.

Here are the type of bets given, the website claims:

strike-rate-racing-profitsWhen they have come, they have been for relatively small amounts (think 8-10 points occasionally being won over a week). Because of the low odds that you are typically backing combining with periods where there aren’t many wins, what little profit that is made can very quickly be eroded.

Conclusion on Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips

I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to establish how Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips differs from the previous offering (a look at some of the details on Clickbank strongly support that it is something new). The short answer seems to be that in talking about the Pro Tips, you are looking at a more premium offering.

Now with a premium offering, even one that is quite reasonably priced, I think that the expectation of results does increase and reasonably so. The big question that stands is whether or not Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips delivers in this regard.

Now it is apparent to me that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is a seemingly genuine service.

What I mean by this is that it isn’t something which is offered by one of the usual affiliate marketing vendors. So there is undoubtedly something to be said for Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips. The problem that I have is that the results aren’t that something. What I have seen in terms of the profits for the service suggest that you are talking about quite minimal numbers.

This ties in to the question of value for money. Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is very inexpensive, so should it be held accountable to the same standards as a service that might cost 3 times as much? With that in mind, I think that there is possibly some value to be had here, but you have to be very realistic about what you are going to get in my opinion.

The fact of the matter is that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is not going to make you particularly wealthy. Realistically, I think that you will be looking at quite small profits, if at all.

With all of this in mind, I think I know for whom Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips may work. I can see it working as a beginners tipster service. You should win relatively frequently. The service doesn’t cost a whole lot of money on a month by month basis.

For somebody who wants to get used to following a tipster, learn discipline and how to manage a betting bank etc. then Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips is possibly worth considering.

With all this in mind, I want to say that this isn’t a great service. There are definitely better tipsters on the market, but they do not necessarily offer the same things that Strike Rate Racing Pro Tips does. So whilst this isn’t for everybody, there may be some merit here.

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