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Subway Franchise Review

A Subway franchise is an opportunity to join the largest and arguably fastest growing franchise brand in the UK.

The Company

Subway have partaken in a rather aggressive expansion campaign in order to become the largest fast food company in the UK, a feat that they achieved in 2008 when they were able to announce that they have more stores operational than McDonalds. Since then Subway has gone on to continue its expansion at a staggering rate with an average of 5 new Subway franchises opening each week. This strategy of market dominance is evident in the1847 Subway stores that are open across the UK and Ireland.

A Little Background

Subway franchises represent an opportunity to join a global powerhouse in the fast food industry, all whilst keeping your franchise costs to a minimum. As a potential Subway franchisee you are expected to be business minded and show strong management and people skills. Subway offer a huge amount of training and support with 20 regional development offices, as well as a host of online training for both franchisees and staff alike.


Subway are one of the more affordable franchise options to set up, particularly in the fast food sector. The average cost of setting up a new franchise is £100,000 of which €10,000 is your franchise fee to Subway. It is recommended that you have at least 50% of this figure in liquid assets before applying. There is actually a very comprehensive breakdown of the costs entailed available on the Subway website.

Earning Potential

The amounts you can expect to earn with a Subway franchise is not discussed on their website but if you look at the growth and the fact that 70% of new Subway franchises are opened by existing franchisees, this is all indicative that there is definitely a decent amount of money to be made.


Subway is well known as one of the better options for new franchisees and their record speaks for itself. The rate of expansion as well as the fact that in 12 years the brand has gone from 100 to almost 2000 stores speaks volumes. If you are interested in a fast food franchise, I am of the believe that Subway is arguably the strongest candidate out there due to the relative afford-ability and the fact that the brand should only continue to grow and improve.



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