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Summer Sizzlers is a new to market horse racing tipster service which has been launched by Telegram Tips. They claim that the service will offer some substantial profits from summer racing.

Introduction to Summer Sizzlers

There are a lot of different reasons why a betting service might catch my eye. Mostly, as you would expect, it is because of profit potential or an interesting new approach to betting. Sometimes though, it can be the most esoteric of things. For example, a number of emails received talking about a summer tipster service. Now, in and of itself, that isn’t anything special. But on the particularly grey and rainy day when I receive this email, it was a nice reminder that summer is around the corner. Exciting times.

Now, in and of itself, that wouldn’t warrant a review. However, when you are told that this comes from a team who have produced 653 points of profit over winter, well, that is a reason to review a service. Which brings me to Summer Sizzlers. A service from the Telegram Tips stable of tipsters that… I suppose could be seen as new. I guess? Honestly, it’s an interesting thing, but what I can say is that there is seemingly scores of potential here. That is of course, if the tipsters behind the service are able to translate their success.

You see, without giving too much away (there are definitely details I want to talk about in more depth a little later on), Summer Sizzlers is really an offshoot of another Telegram Tips service. One that, at a glance, has performed admirably. However, I am not quite as convinced by its ability to stand up to more rigorous scrutiny. And of course, a lot of that can potentially carry over here as well. Naturally, I will keep an open mind about this, but let’s get into it and see if it can actually deliver. 

What Does Summer Sizzlers Offer?

Writing about Summer Sizzlers is an interesting thing. Because it is both a new service and not a new service at the same time. You see, in the past, Telegram Tips have offered a service called Winter Winners. A service that aims to provide subscribers with profitable horse racing tips over the winter season. This is an extension of that service, just… Well, for summer. It’s right there in the name.

Now, as far as the actual offering, I think it’s probably pretty fair to say that Summer Sizzlers doesn’t necessarily break new ground. Now, this isn’t necessarily a criticism of the service. Far from it in fact. The fact of the matter is with a solid approach to betting, you don’t really need to be doing anything new or revolutionary.

What does this actually mean though? Well, I want to start by talking about the logistics of things a little bit. Whilst Telegram Tips aren’t necessarily the most prolific of tipster stables, they have a few that they manage and it’s fair to say that they know what they are doing. As you would expect, this also extends to Summer Sizzlers too.

Selections are sent out on a pretty much daily basis with only the odd day missing. As you would expect from pretty much any modern tipster, these are issued directly via email. These usually land with plenty of time to get bets placed and contain everything that you would need in order to get the bets placed.

Now, let’s talk about the bets themselves. Which are, in some respects, a bit underwhelming seeming. Especially given the profit that has been made. However, as I said earlier, a solid approach to betting doesn’t require any gimmicks to make things seem worthwhile. And honestly, given the approach that the tipster behind Summer Sizzlers takes, I am glad to see an absence of this.

So, all bets are advised as either a straight back to win bet or an each way bet, typically split based on the odds you are betting at. This is about what I would expect. It means that bets are nice and easy to place, and if you are the kind of person who has a few betting accounts and likes to make sure that you’re getting the best possible odds, it isn’t hard checking up on this. With that said, for reasons that will become very clear, getting BOG is very much a must here.

Inherently, the odds involved with Summer Sizzlers are reasonable. The fact of the matter is that there is a very decent range of odds available on the bets that are advised. Even within the last few days there have been horses priced at a shade over evens, all the way up to a 50/1 outsider. Of course, they don’t always win, but it gives you some idea of what you can expect from the service. With that said, there is a huge disparity between BOG and SP that must be addressed.

Something that is worth noting about Summer Sizzlers is the potential drawdown you might face. Historically, this hasn’t necessarily been a particularly high volume tipster service. At most, you’re looking at maybe 5 or 6 bets per day. However, when this is combined with the staking plan, it can quickly add up.

You see, a look at Telegram Tips’s proofing shows that all the bets advised are to 5 point stakes. This is of course something that has a massive knock on effect on other elements of Summer Sizzlers, but I will come to this later. For now, let’s just hone in on the risk involved. Earlier this year, there was a 13 loss losing streak, which at 5 points per bet means 65 points down. Ultimately, this period was bookended by some big wins, so it worked out. But it is important to highlight this possibility.

Especially because, whilst I feel the strike rate of 33.24% looks impressive (and it really isn’t something to be sniffed at), the range of odds mean that it doesn’t mean quite as much as it should. The fact is that this number is massively boosted by wins at those much smaller odds.

How Does Summer Sizzlers Work?

One thing that I like about Summer Sizzlers is that we actually get some insight into how the tipster behind the service works. Telegram Tips post an interview with them and whilst it isn’t perhaps as informative as I would like, it does mean that you aren’t coming into this entirely blind. Which, frankly, is the most important thing.

There are ultimately two key elements to everything. Firstly, the tipster behind Summer Sizzlers talks about his time and experience growing up around horse racing. How their Grandad used to be in the bookies on a Saturday, how they used to bunk off school to watch racing at Epsom, and how they were taught to read form. All of this I think reasonably establishes a character who might become well known around the local tracks.

Which is important, because we now come to the crux of what Summer Sizzlers is about. You see, we are told that the service is based around inside information. An approach that, when coming from genuine insiders carries the potential to make some incredibly profitable bets. Which begs the question whether or not it is genuine inside information here. For my money, I am inclined to believe Telegram Tips when they suggest that their tipster is above board here.

This is of course helped along by some incredibly comprehensive proofing for Winter Winners on which Summer Sizzlers is based. Telegram Tips show all bets going back to October 2018. As such, I think it’s very easy to get a good idea of what sort of thing you can expect if you are following this service. 

What is the Initial Investment?

Telegram Tips have 3 different options available if you want to sign up to Summer Sizzlers. All of which are drastically different in terms of the pricing and the value on offer. The cheapest option in terms of outlay is to sign up to Summer Sizzlers on a weekly basis. This is priced at just £12 per week on a recurring payment. However, as you might expect, that is the worst value.

There is marginally better value to be had if you sign up for Summer Sizzlers on a monthly basis. This will set you back £36 per month on a recurring payment. The best option Telegram Tips have is the option to sign up for a full season. At a one time cost of £87, this is the most expensive option in terms of your initial outlay. It is however substantially the best value you can get.

What is worth noting is that Telegram Tips don’t tend to offer any sort of money back guarantee on their services, and this includes Summer Sizzlers. As such, if you did want to take advantage of that increased value, you should come into it with that in mind.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since October 2018, based on just 6 months of racing each year, Winter Winners made an outstanding 1,570.95 points of profit. That is a bloody huge amount, working out at some 500 points per year. All very impressive. However, I do feel like it is worthwhile keeping in mind that these result are all based off 5 point stakes. If you factor the results down, Telegram Tips’s proofing shows a much more modest 314.19 points of profit.

Now, the big question is whether or not Summer Sizzlers can achieve similar results to the winter equivalent. The answer here is that there is a reasonable chance of this. Here’s the thing. We are told that the whole service is built predominantly around the tipster behind the service having inside information. As such, it isn’t inconceivable that the you will see some similar performance in the future.  

Conclusion for Summer Sizzlers

When you look at something like Summer Sizzlers, it’s always hard to know where to find yourself. Because in theory, this is all entirely new and hasn’t been done before. Sure, Winter Winners existed and has performed a certain way, but to some small degree, we’re dealing with a very different state of affairs.

Which begs the question, is this new pursuit, in the shape of Summer Sizzlers, worthwhile? And for me, it depends on a few things, most of which are ultimately personal choices. First things first, let’s talk about the risk involved. Whilst I believe that the tipster behind the service probably does have some inside information, it is arguably unproven over summer. As such, you are taking a gamble that it can actually continue to function.

Furthermore, you have to ask yourself what your expectations of profit are. It is easy to look at the past results for Summer Sizzlers and get excited by 500 points of profit in a season. A results that Telegram Tips lean in on quite heavily talking about £10,000 profit from £10 per point. But the harsh reality is that unless you have deep pockets, you are unlikely to be betting with high enough stakes to achieve this. Most people aren’t going to be all that comfortable dropping £50 per bet down.

If I’m really honest, if you want to understand the results of Summer Sizzlers, you need to look at the ROI. Telegram Tips show an average of 23.33% to BOG (not a bad result) over the winter seasons. April finished above this with 29.41% as an ROI. All of this is quite impressive. However, it is all also very dependent on betting BOG. To SP, the ROI is just 3.15% and to BSP it is 11.86%. There is a very definite drop off.

So, as much as I believe that there is a decent service behind Summer Sizzlers, in order for it to work as advertised, the situation is highly conditional. If you can stake 5 points on each bet, guarantee that you are able to bet to BOG, and don’t mind taking on the risk of a new venture for a tipster, than I think this carries a lot of potential. Especially for the money.

But here’s the thing. When I write these reviews, it is typically with the kind of punter in mind who is looking to bring in a second income. There are usually restrictions on what can and can’t work for them including stakes, and taking advantage of the best possible odds. And for those people, Summer Sizzlers just doesn’t look quite so good.

So, to summarise, in theory, Telegram Tips are onto a winner here. By their own metrics of measurement, Summer Sizzlers is a rousing success with incredibly strong results at a very low price. The reality however is that you may well find yourself struggling to really get value on, meet the betting requirements to get that profit that is so appealing, and ultimately, that all leads to frustration and potentially, losses.

Do I think that Summer Sizzlers is a bad product? I actually don’t. I genuinely believe that there is something to this. But it just takes too much for me to say that it is a service that is in any way, shape, or form, definitively worth following.


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