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Super Affiliate Machine Review

Super Affiliate Machine is a piece of software created by Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari that automates the SEO aspect of your website.

What does the product offer?

Super Affiliate Machine is a web based application that has been created with automation of the process of creating a niche website in mind. Creators Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari say that by using Super Affiliate Machine you can create a website in 5 minutes (I shall examine this claim later) and that the finished product will come out search engine optimised. Super Affiliate Machine manages this by examining your key words and coming up with related search terms as well as recommending things like URLs. It also appears that Super Affiliate Machine comes with some built in content generators and images that are designed to be used out of the box. Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari have also thrown in a number of related bonuses (for a limited time only) including profitable SEO niches and a host of other related content.

How does the product work?

Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari have built Super Affiliate Machine around identifying and taking advantage of niche key words. You simply search for a term that you want and Super Affiliate Machine will find niche terms that will allegedly return traffic, help you to find expired or if you are so inclined, brand new domains for the product and finally, it will install WordPress in your new website. Whilst Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari have provided some basic design ideas, they are very crude and rather unattractive.

What is the initial investment?

There are two licences available for Super Affiliate Machine. The first of these (the Standard License) costs $147 and allows you to use Super Affiliate Machine on up to 3 websites. For an additional $50 you can get an unlimited site license (bringing the cost up to $197). It is worth noting that this also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee however this only appears to be vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

As with most “tool” based produces it is very difficult to say how much you could earn. Despite this, Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari show off several screenshots of earnings ranging from hundreds to the tens of thousands of dollars from their various campaigns, each of which have allegedly been launched using Super Affiliate Machine.


Personally, I am not sold on Super Affiliate Machine. Whilst I don’t doubt that it will help you with finding appropriate niches, it seems to be geared towards a very specific market, namely healthcare. Whilst this could just be down to the fact that this is where Austin E. Anthony started making his money I would have liked to have seen at least one example from another niche. On top of this, the final “step” of using Super Affiliate Machine in which you install WordPress and create a website is hardly required and if the results that are shown as an example are anything to go by, nobody is going to stick around long enough to see what you have to say, let alone click your affiliate link. This really only leaves the market research aspect of Super Affiliate Machine and there are plenty of products that do this for a lot less than $147 (which is the lowest cost possible).



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From: Simon Roberts