Super Naps Daily Review

Super Naps Daily is a horse racing tipster service that focuses on winning bets. It is provided under the Betfan umbrella.

What does the product offer?

Super Naps Daily is an email based tipster service with a focus on daily selections. The service is based around win bets at value odds for races across the UK. Selections are for each race event that day (for example four meets would produce four bets) as well as a “Super Nap” that is described as “the best bet in Britain”. Despite this claim from Super Naps Daily, the strike rate falls in at just 27.67% over a 9 month period with a third of these months operating at a loss.

How does the product work?

Although the specifics of the system behind Super Naps Daily aren’t covered, Betfan do state that the system draws on things like breeding, past performance, race times and even the running style. Super Naps Daily is also privy to the latest gallops news which is then reviewed before releasing bets.

What is the initial investment?

Super Naps Daily is available with a one month trial for a one off cost of £20. After this period subscriptions are monthly or quarterly coming in at £60 and £120 respectively. There isn’t a money back guarantee in place as such however Betfan do state that they will review refund requests, although these aren’t typically granted.

What is the rate of return?

Since January of this year Super Naps Daily has produced an overall profit of 215.49 points. This amounts to 23.94 points per month which is a respectable amount.


Super Naps Daily isn’t an immense tipster service and if anything, I have some major concerns about this. These are namely centered on the losing nature of Super Naps Daily which is evidenced in the relatively low strike rate and the fact that almost every month has been in the red at some point. This is rather concerning to me and I don’t see how it represents a sustainable investment opportunity. I would give Super Naps Daily a miss in favour of a more stable service personally.



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