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Super Select Tips is a new horse racing tipster service which has been launched by the Betfan stable of tipsters. It has produced some eyewatering profits in a very short space of time, however, this isn’t necessarily the whole story.

Introduction to Super Select Tips

It isn’t very often that I start a look at a service with anything particularly straight forward. I like to set a tone and expectation for what is coming. This is the writer in me, and I will never stop looking to add a vague narrative to what I do. But today, I am going to break that rule. This is because in just 2 months, Super Select Tips has made 1,162.46 points of profit.

Let that sink in for a minute, because that is a massive amount of money, no matter how you want to paint it. Even trifling £1 per point bets would have seen enough profit to take you and your partner away for a decent holiday somewhere hot. So, why aren’t I wrapping this up in a few hundred words?

The short answer to this is the involvement of Betfan. They have a long history of putting out very profitable services off the back of a few good months. And Super Select Tips is about the best two months you could hope for. And there are other problems that I want to discuss over the course of this as well. So, is everything here really as it seems?  

What Does Super Select Tips Offer?

There is quite a lot to unpack with Super Select Tips, and that makes it rather difficult to know where to begin. But I feel like the best place, is those bets that have apparently smashed in two months, what most tipster services would aim to make in three years (those two months are genuinely that good).

Honestly, most elements of Super Select Tips are pretty straight forward in terms of the bets. It isn’t a massively high volume service, although it does err there. You can typically expect to see anywhere from three or four bets, going as high as six or seven bets. That isn’t really exceptional.

The types of bets do start to show why Super Select Tips is interesting though. Betfan’s extensive proofing shows a combination of back to win bets, as well as a number of each way bets as well. So far, all pretty standard fare. But, and this is where things start to pop, there are also a number of  doubles and trebles advised each day (both each way and back to win).  

And this leads me to where the service really does stand out, and that is the odds that you are advised to back at. Bets with odds lower than 3.0 are a rarity with Super Select Tips. Honestly, even this lower number doesn’t crop up often. The singles and each way bets are typically all about betting at higher odds.

Those accumulators frequently exceed odds of 100.0 (with the highest I’ve seen advised as 3375.0) and will go about as low as 25.0. according to Betfan’s proofing. I think you an probably start to see where those big winning months have happened now. Getting these high odds though, may be a bit of a struggle in reality.

Now, logistically, Betfan have been doing this for a very long time and there is no faulting the way that they manage their services. Selections are issued on a daily basis, directly to subscribers via a number of different ways.

This includes email, as you would expect. Selections are also uploaded to an Super Select Tips member’s area on the website. There is also the option to receive selections directly to your phone with Betfan having their own app as well (which is available on both iOS and Android). This element really can’t be faulted.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the staking plan that is in place (at least in my opinion). A long time ago, all Betfan products seemed to be proofed to level stakes of 5 points per bet. Something which, in my opinion, never really offered an accurate reflection of how a service has performed.

And in the case of Super Select Tips, all the bets have been proofed to 5 points per bet. This has the unfortunate (or fortunate, if you are trying to sell a product, coincidentally) effect of inflating the results. As such, that profit can easily be scaled down to an arguably more realistic level staking plan of 1 point per bet.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Super Select Tips, because honestly, this has impressed me somewhat. Given the nature of the service and the types of bets involved (as well as the wider results, but I will come back to this), I wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of how often you will win.

Betfan however show a strike rate of 16.63% for the service which honestly, is a pretty decent result. It undoubtedly carries a degree of risk (again, I’ll pick this up later), but by and large, if you are winning at high odds 1 in 7 times, you shouldn’t do too bad in the long run, at least in theory.

How Does Super Select Tips Work?

If there is one thing that is actually well documented, it is how Super Select Tips actually works. Betfan go into a surprising amount of detail about this which is something that they don’t typically do. None the less, it is a very welcome change.

We are told that the tipster behind the service uses a multi-faceted approach to finding selections. First of all, we are told that he has a number of contacts in various yards including “lots of jockey friends”. He also says that he has been studying horse racing for “over 7 years now”.

The key ingredient however, is the tipsters “expert study of form and everything else that [they] look into when studying races”. Ultimately, all of this is used to find 3 best horses for the day which are presumably the treble that is advised. There are a number of other elements that are mentioned in passing, but this is definitely the bulk of it.

Combine this with Betfan’s extensive proofing, and you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting yourself into. All of this means that there is little chance of Super Select Tips surprising you. With the exception of a good surprise when (or should I say if) one of those massive winners happens to land.

What is the Initial Investment?

I’ll be incredibly blunt about this. Super Select Tips is expensive. What Betfan are asking for the service is far above what I would typically expect to pay for a service. Now, given those results, you may argue that this is fair. For reasons that I will get to shortly, I simply don’t buy that.

So, in terms of the options available, the lowest outlay is a weekly subscription which is priced at £19.99 plus VAT. Next, there is a monthly subscription which at £59.97 plus VAT looks like a better option.

Unfortunately, as is the case with everything I have looked at from Betfan, this uses a 28 day month. This means you will pay that figure 13 times a year for Super Select Tips. That isn’t necessarily a huge additional amount, but it does make an effective calendar month cost of £78 when you factor in the VAT.

There is more value to be had in the quarterly subscription which is priced at £168 plus VAT (effectively £67 per month including VAT). The best value of course comes from the biggest outlay which is a 6 monthly subscription which is priced at £285 plus VAT (with an effective monthly cost of £57).

As is the case with everything from the Betfan group, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place for the service. They do however say that they review all refund requests and if they find it appropriate, they may look to offer this.

What is the Rate of Return?

And so, we come full circle. Those two months made some glorious profits, however losing months either side have chipped this down a little. As such, at the time of writing Super Select Tips is showing a profit of 1065.66 points. That is still a huge amount over 5 months and works out at a monthly average that I know a lot of tipsters would take for a year.

But that isn’t the full picture. This includes September which at the time of writing, we have barely started. As such a better reflection is May through August which shows a profit of 1119 points. However, I do believe those 5 point stakes allow us to scale this number back to some 280 points for this period.

September is currently showing a 53 point loss which for less than a week is a significant number. Especially if you had just joined up at the start of the month. This kind of deconstruction of the profits could go on forever though. As such, I feel the most telling number in terms of the profit potential though is the ROI for Super Select Tips which stands at 52.55%.

Conclusion for Super Select Tips

When I first looked at Super Select Tips, I was slightly blown away by the results. I mean, more than 1,000 points off two months is prolific. And I can say with the utmost confidence that if you had a tipster service that could operate at even 10% of this capacity, it would certainly put it into the top percentile in terms of profitable tipsters I have looked at.

Unfortunately, this is very much subject to a lot of Betfan’s marketing, and as you start to put these numbers into wider context, they perhaps don’t look quite as good. Don’t get me wrong, even at level 1 point stakes, I would be impressed if there were a bit more consistency.

However, there are a lot of caveats for me. For example, that ROI looks great. But how long will Super Select Tips maintain a 50% ROI if it continues with losing months? Even if those losses are not particularly significant. And actually, just how reflective of Super Select Tips is that ROI? It is very clearly bumped up by massive wins which skew those averages.

Of course, there is an argument to be made that this kind of win is part and parcel of the service, and looking at the bigger picture, I am inclined to give this argument a pass. Looking at Betfan’s proofing, there is no getting around the fact that the aim here is clearly to land big winners.

Which leads me to probably my biggest problem here and that is how long you have to wait for them to land. Typically, I have seen this kind of approach applied to multiple accumulators (think Lucky 15s and Yankees), so if everything doesn’t land, there is still potential to claw back some of your stakes.

Super Select Tips is much more all or nothing. Sure, there are bets winning at middling odds, and they are minimising losses, but those losses are still happening and that is a problem for me. Bluntly, I shudder to think what kind of betting bank you might need in order to fund this service in the long term.

Factor in that it is also very expensive, and you have a situation whereby you are paying a lot of money out to receive tips, that are losing you money. That simply isn’t a good deal in my book.

With a bit more consistency and Super Select Tips actually making enough off the smaller bets to fund itself, it would look a lot more attractive. As it stands though, I see a service that carries a significant amount of risk, especially if you are backing to those advised stakes.

I wouldn’t pay a lot for a service that doesn’t make me money. And I wouldn’t expect anybody else to either. Some might be happy to pay out hoping for another 600 point month, and to those people, I would wish them good luck, and I’d be pleased for them if they hit the jackpot. What I wouldn’t do however, is realistically look to recommend Super Select Tips to anybody.  

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Hi am with super select tips and one of the best i have ever used since reading your write up this guy has doubled that easily profit wise and is now nearly at 3000 points profit with a 64% roi really wouldnt let price put you off this service as it definitely pays and continues to pay aswel .

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