Super Smart Bets Review

Super Smart Bets is a new SMS based horse racing tipster service which is operated by independent tipster Nigel Cass that claims to offer big money from small bets.

What does the product offer?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the key selling point for Super Smart Bets is the claim from Nigel Cass (a pen name) that all of his bets are zero risk. This is a huge claim and one that I would have liked to have seen some evidence of but perhaps not surprisingly, there isn’t. Allegedly open to anyone, anywhere on the planet (a questionable statement given betting laws in a number of different countries), Super Smart Bets will provide selections 6 days a week with only the occasional no bet day.

Nigel Cass also claims that his method is simple to use, takes just minutes and you can bet regardless of experience. What is interesting is given the fact that Super Smart Bets is “no risk”, the odds that are being bet on range from 10/1 all the way to 11/4 in the few examples that Nigel Cass provides (proofing would be too much to ask from a service like this).

How does the product work?

Allegedly boasting many “business credentials”, one of the key ones that Nigel Cass claims makes Super Smart Bets possible is his experience working with horses. He says that he has spent 20 years as a farrier which allegedly allows him to know a good horse when he sees one whilst his wife breeds horses too. As a punter, all you are required to do is follow the bets that Super Smart Bets sends to you via SMS.

What is the initial investment?

Super Smart Bets is being sold at a cost of £14.50 (plus VAT) per month in order to get access to selections. This also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee as it is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

According to Nigel Cass, using Super Smart Bets will allow you to make £20,000 in 12 months, possibly even in as little as 6 months, all using small stakes on his “no risk” bets. Not surprisingly there is absolutely nothing to back this up, nor any real evidence provided.


There is very little about Super Smart Bets that leads me to believe that this is a genuine service, from the author’s seeming lack of understanding of how global betting works to the claim that his “dedicated team of support staff” that operate off a gmail account.

There are an increasing number of dubious tipster services cropping up which are in turn being pushed by lazy affiliates who are simply looking to make a quick and easy buck and Super Smart Bets appears to be nothing more than the latest version. It is also by far and away one of the sloppiest designs and sales pitches I have seen for a long time. The fact is that there is nothing redeeming about Super Smart Bets and I cannot recommend enough giving this a wide berth.


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From: Simon Roberts