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Super Sports Capper is a new to market multi sports betting tipster service which is operated by Betting Gods. Selections come courtesy of a tipster known as Allan.

Introduction to Super Sports Capper

When it comes to sports betting there are a lot of niche services that exist. Tipsters are out there tipping on things like American football, baseball, and all sorts of sports that, frankly, here in the UK we just don’t pay much attention to. And because of the lack of international appeal, it can be hard to justify paying out for a tipster for each of these niche sports for just a small handful of tips per day/week. But what about if there were a way to bring all of those niche efforts under one roof?

This is where something like today’s subject, Super Sports Capper, can really come in handy. Because that is exactly what Allan aims to do with his service. I’ll talk more about it a little later on, but he covers a wide variety of bets that have driven some pretty respectable results. All with a remarkable level of consistency, if I’m really honest. All of this makes for one of the more exciting services that I have seen for some time. Throw in the fact that Betting Gods are managing it, and things only look brighter.

About now is where I would typically throw in a big but. We establish the positives of a service, and then we take the time to look at some of the negatives. Because there will generally always be both. With Super Sports Capper though, nothing immediately obviously jumps out at me. Which is a definite rarity for this sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t necessarily flawless, but it is decent. So, with that out there, let’s get straight into Betting Gods’s newest service, and see how good it actually is.  

What Does Super Sports Capper Offer?

One of the things that I like whenever a new service lands from Betting Gods is that you instantly have some idea of what you are getting yourself into. Namely, a quality and well managed tipster service that is held to account by professionals. It also means that there is a standardisation in place as well that doesn’t differ from one service to the next.

This all means that if you sign up to Super Sports Capper, there are a variety of different ways that you can expect to receive tips. The first of these is directly via email, as you would expect. It is pretty much industry standard at this point. Alternatively, Betting Gods have an app so you can receive selections directly to your phone. In my eyes, this is the best method. Alternatively, you can log into a member’s area to view selections there as well.

Whichever method works best for you, Allan typically sends out selections to his subscribers from 9pm. It is generally advisable to try and act on these as soon as possible because of the sports that you are betting on. This does give you a decent window of time to get bets placed etc. however, you should keep in mind the fact that some sports are in the US and the window for value is different.

One of the things that I always like about services from Betting Gods is that you do get a decent amount of information included with bets. This importantly also means advised odds. As such, whilst you can aim to improve your value with an odds comparison site, depending on when you are picking up bets, it simply might not be that big a deal.

Now we come to the bets, and this is where Super Sports Capper really does excite me, if I’m honest. Firstly, let’s talk sports. Allan says that he finds bets for “NBA, NFL, major UK football, and European basketball”. That is a hell of a lot of coverage for one tipster, but he seems to actually do well with it.

Meanwhile, Super Sports Capper also takes advantage of a huge range of different betting markets within those sports. Typically with a focus on much more niche markets than you might be used to betting on. Furthermore, you will oftentimes be placing multiple bets on the same game.  Something that I know some people might find a little off putting.

This of course can mean that the volume of bets can start to add up. Whilst Super Sports Capper isn’t as intense as it was (most days have no more than 6 or so bets), Betting Gods’s proofing shows that early days, Allan was 9 or 10 bets on some days. Again, you have to keep in mind that multiple of those were all on a single game.  

Fortunately, one of the most appealing elements of Super Sports Capper is the strike rate. At the time of writing, Betting Gods claim that this stands at 71.92%. That is one hell of a number, and it is one that the proofing seems to show is correct.

That strike rate is definitely needed not just because of the volume of bets though, but the odds that you are betting at. Because whilst Allan definitely leans into niche betting markets, the odds are… Well, they’re on the lower end of the spectrum. Betting Gods show an average of 1.83 since September 2020. This is a number that is generally quite reflective of what you can expect as well.

In light of this, all bets are advised to be backed at anywhere from 1 point all the way up to 3 points. This kind of approach can carry risk, but I feel like here, it is probably the correct one. At the end of the day, Super Sports Capper is winning often. And it is winning at low odds. So you have to have some give somewhere in order to make it profitable to the point of being worth following.  

How Does Super Sports Capper Work?

One area where Betting Gods can be a bit hit and miss is when they talk about how their tipsters operate and find selections. There can often be very vague statements made, and whilst I don’t doubt that they have always interviewed tipsters thoroughly, it is frustrating to see that insight not passed on to consumers.

Here though, Allan is very upfront about how he finds bets for Super Sports Capper. And that is a refreshing change. Especially because really, his approach is a very straight forward one that doesn’t rely on gimmicks and patterns. Just good old fashioned research. This has a number of positive effects, with one of the main ones being that, in theory, you shouldn’t see the kind of drop in performance that is quite frequent with services that rely on a more rigid system.

So, what kind of things are we looking at exactly? Well, Allan says that “[his] days are spent studying team form, news, injuries, betting market creations, and multiple other factors”. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive breakdown exactly, but it gives a pretty good idea of what you can expect here.

On top of all of this, as is always the case with Betting Gods, there is very comprehensive proofing provided for Super Sports Capper. This goes all the way back to September, however, it is worth noting that the back two thirds of October and all of November are not proofed. Realistically, this is probably down to the fact that tips weren’t supplied for a while. Whatever the reason, it all means that you can at least look at Super Sports Capper and get some idea of the ebb and flow of the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Betting Gods have just a single option available if you want to sign up to Super Sports Capper. This is a monthly subscription which is priced at £37 per month (plus VAT). Honestly, that really isn’t a bad price and is definitely below what I would expect to pay for a tipster service on a monthly basis.  There are however multiple ways that you can sign up in order to maximise your value for money.

Firstly, there is a 15 day trial period which is priced at £1.99 (plus VAT). After this, the costs revert back to that full monthly fee. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 105 day trial at a cost of £39 (again, plus VAT). Once this has elapsed, the costs then revert back to the monthly rate.

On top of this, Super Sports Capper also comes with a very comprehensive 30 day money back guarantee. Whilst I don’t expect that you would have any problem claiming this from Betting Gods, it is also backed up by Clickbank. Because payment for the service is handled via them, it does ensure that you should be well positioned to get your money back if this isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a few good looking numbers thrown around in regards to the profit potential for Super Sports Capper. But there are few that I really want to hone in on here. Firstly, there is the profit since September. This stands at £4,319.75. Given the gap for October and November, this means that the profit has been made over around 5 months.

And even the fact that this number is based off £25 per point stakes doesn’t make it less impressive. In actual fact, I think that the profit of 172.79 points is actually incredibly impressive, amounting to average profits of around 34.55 points per month. Way more than I would expect of even a top tipster.

Conclusion for Super Sports Capper

It is always quite exciting when Betting Gods release a new tipster service. This applies doubly so when you’re looking at a service that has as many positives as Super Sports Capper appears to. And I really do want to get straight into these, because frankly, there are a lot of them.

The first thing I want to address is arguably the single most important thing, and that is the profit potential that is here. That 34.55 points monthly average is massive. Not necessarily because I expect that this kind of results is likely to be maintained, but because even if it isn’t, it can still be hugely profitable. Super Sports Capper could comfortably drop 33% of those profits and it would still be a strong entrant.

On top of this, there are a lot of other positives as well. The fact that Allan covers as many sports as he does is a huge bonus for me. If you are looking to add Super Sports Capper to a portfolio to cover those mor niche sports, there is a lot to be said for covering multiple sports with one tipster. Especially one who actually seems to have some genuine understanding of what he is doing.

Building on all of this, I also want to talk about the approach too. Now, I will admit that Allan doesn’t necessarily go into massive amounts of detail, and Betting Gods don’t force their tipsters to. But there is just enough insight for us to get an understanding of what is going on under the hood, and I like what I see.

I know I said it before, but I like that Super Sports Capper isn’t’ a gimmick. The fact of the matter is that consistently finding profitable bets can actually be bloody hard work if you take it seriously. So I am inclined to believe the sales pitch. There is a hell of a lot of research that can go into any game for any sport. Consider social media alone.

Of course a star player won’t tweet that they’ve had a knock. And a team might announce that the may not start. But if you follow the socials of the people that surround those players, then you get a bit of insight. The problem with that? Well, actually following all those people takes time and a lot of effort. Multiply that by every player at the top of a sport and it can be impossible.

So, I do have a lot of respect for Super Sports Capper. And honestly, I don’t really have much in the way of criticisms here. There isn’t a single thing that I look at and think “I would drastically change you”. There are however a few considerations that are simply part and parcel of the service. The main one for me being backing multiple bets on the same games. Some people just don’t like doing that. It’s a bit “eggs in one basket”, and I get that.

There can also be the work in getting the bets placed, finding bookies etc. especially with that window of time in which bets are sent out. Here’s the thing, getting advised odds is great, but a niche bet is still a niche bet, There isn’t necessarily an “easy way” to follow Super Sports Capper. You also have to make that a consideration in my eyes.

But would I recommend Super Sports Capper? Honestly, I think that this is worth a serious look. The performance has been very solid so far. And even if it gets worse, it has room to still be good with that incredible strike rate in excess of 70%. With that said though, this isn’t a dead cert either.

In many ways, Super Sports Capper is still in its infancy with a few months of proofing absent from Betting Gods. This is probably for a very good reason, but it does still mean that we are working with a smaller datum size. So, yes, it looks great. But also remember that it is still young. At the end of the day, services are launched because they are performing well. Personally, I would be a little prudent and give this another month or so to play out.


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