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Sure Betting is a betting service which is being provided through Rebel Betting, a company which offer a few different betting options. The service claims to provide consistent profits for subscribers.

Introduction to Sure Betting

Recently, there have been a considerable number of tipster services that have landed on my desk. A large number of these have simply been questionable and simply not really worth anybody’s time or effort. Except for me of course. What with my being on a constant quest to find real services that can actually make money.

With that in mind, it just shouldn’t really be that surprising that seeing something like today’s subject, Sure Betting, is actually quite exciting. There is clearly a lot of potential here and there is little ignoring the fact that Rebel Betting are actually a well respected name when it comes to providing betting solutions.

And when a company like that offers a service that effectively guarantees you a profit, well, it is rather difficult to ignore. So, I can say that for the first time for a while, I’m actually genuinely excited to look at a service. We are all ultimately here to make money after all, and if that is guaranteed, then why wouldn’t you just sign up for Sure Betting today?

What Does Sure Betting Offer?

There is a fair old amount going on when it comes to Sure Betting, however, a lot of this is stuff that is happening in the background of the service. As such, talking about what is actually on offer is pretty much secondary to how the service works. Nonetheless, Rebel Betting have put together a very good product and it undoubtedly deserves its share of attention.

So, what exactly are you getting? The short answer to this is that when you sign up for Sure Betting, you get access to a piece of specialist software. It has been designed exclusively for use with Windows machines which means that you may struggle to get it running if you use a Mac. There are ways around this, however, they require a bit of technical knowhow.

There is also a cloud based solution means that realistically, you can use Rebel Betting’s service no matter where you are, and what device you are on. This includes a number of different mobile phone devices, as well as more niche desktop options. It is worth noting however that I would recommend checking off if your device will work before committing to Sure Betting.

With that out of the way, I want to turn to the software. Sure Betting is a pretty well put together piece of software. As you can probably expect, it isn’t the best looking thing, however I don’t think I have seen a piece of betting software yet that isn’t a case of function over form. Frankly, I can’t blame Rebel Betting for not bucking this trend.

What I will say is whilst it isn’t attractive, it does do everything that you would expect it to. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that once you have spent a bit of time with the software, you will find that it is all pretty intuitive. This is a very good thing and is actually quite important as using Sure Betting can be a little bit… Stressful, to say the least.

You see, what the software does is provide you with a list of bets that can guarantee you a profit. These bets are (by Rebel Betting’s own admission) only available for perhaps a few minutes at a time. As such, you have to be willing to work fast if you want to get them placed in time to capitalise.

Don’t get me wrong, the process isn’t difficult. All that you have to do is click an identified opportunity on the Sure Betting software and it will automatically take you to the relevant website to place that bet. However, that looming (and incredibly narrow) window of time is something that is key to actually getting these bets.

In terms of the bets that you will be placing, it appears that Sure Betting leans into a huge variety of betting markets. But honestly, you don’t actually need to know what you are doing here. This is very much a case of “monkey see, monkey do”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it opens up a relatively complex principle to those who may be newer to betting.

In fact, outside of placing the bets and deciding how much you want to stake on bets, Sure Betting is a very hands off affair. Rebel Betting are keen to talk up how easy it all is and they aren’t really wrong.

How Does Sure Betting Work?

When it comes to how Sure Betting works, there are two different elements at play. First of all, there is the basis of the service. This is probably the more straightforward aspect. What Rebel Betting have put together takes advantage of arbitrage.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, this is a method of betting which is based around backing multiple outcomes in the same event in order to guarantee a profit. Something which is very much reliant on bookies having a difference of opinion on outcomes and resultant-ly, odds.

This isn’t something that really happens very often and when it does, those odds don’t tend to stay that way for long (coincidentally). A very crude example of this might be a tennis game. Player A has odds with Bet365 at 2/1. Over at William Hill, they have odds for Player B at odds of 3/1. If you back both of those bets, whoever wins, you are guaranteed a profit.

It is quite literally that simple. However, as I have touched upon, that kind of thing just doesn’t happen often. This leads me to the second element of how Sure Betting works. This has more to do with the technical elements that the Rebel Betting team have in place.

Effectively. This does mean that rather unfortunately, Sure Betting is not necessarily what you would call a passive method of making money.

In fact, Rebel Betting say that in order to use the software profitably, you should be able to spend 20 hours per week monitoring for their “Sure Bets”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend that time betting. Just that you have to be in a position to act on the bets when they are identified.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There is a lot about Sure Betting that makes they have servers that “gathers, compares and analyses over a million odds every few seconds”. When there is a combination that is profitable, it is highlighted by the software it rather difficult to ignore. However one of the things that does stand out to me is the pricing. Let’s be frank here. This isn’t a cheap service. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Rebel Betting are asking a lot either.

A weekly subscription for Sure Betting is priced at €39 which appears to be inclusive of VAT. Representing much better value is the monthly option, however at €129 (again, plus VAT), this is still a long way from an inexpensive service.

Finally, and for the best value, you can sign up to Sure Betting on a 6 monthly basis. Here, you will pay just €97 per month (a 25% discount). This is however paid up as a one time payment of €581. There is no getting past the fact that this is a pretty significant outlay.  

It is also worth noting that Rebel Betting don’t really offer any money back guarantee as such with Sure Betting. They do however say that you can get a month for free if you don’t make a profit. This is however based on somewhat strict rules including placing at least 50 arbs. These have to be logged into their own log book.

What is the Rate of Return?

On average, we are told that you can expect to see returns of between 10% and 20% per month following Sure Betting. Now, I will admit that compared to some tipster services out there, that isn’t necessarily an amazing seeming result. However key to Rebel Betting’s strategy is consistency. The fact of the matter is that you can reasonably expect these returns every month. Something you can’t say with other services.

For context on what this means, starting with the minimum amount of £1,500 (technically, the website is in Euros but this scales without a problem), and aiming to place 10 bets per weekday. You would see a profit of £300 per month according to Rebel Betting’s calculator. Obviously more investment or more time spent with Sure Betting would increase this number.

Conclusion for Sure Betting

It isn’t very often that I am this direct about things, but arbitrage betting works. That is an irrefutable and mathematical fact. However, finding the right arbitrage product can be a little difficult.

The fact of the matter is that precisely because it does guarantee you profits, there are a lot of people out there who will simply churn out more than questionable guides to arbing (arbitrage betting), telling you how if you monitor this website, and set up alerts on the Betfair exchange, and then you just… Blah, blah, blah.

And it rarely works. The reason that more people don’t engage in arbitrage is simply that doing it manually is incredibly difficult. Spotting opportunities, operating in the narrow window that you actually get. It all requires you to be very quick off the mark, and even then there are no guarantees.

Now, if you’ve stuck around this long, you should be able to see where I’m going with this. Because Sure Betting actually takes away a lot of this effort that is involved. Simply having a piece of software notify you when there is an opportunity, take you to the bookies websites, and help you to place the bets quickly. Well, that wipes out just about every problem you’d encounter.

As such, Sure Betting is very much a game changer. The fact that the Rebel Betting team are a well respected name in the field of arbing only cements what their software is capable of. So, review over, right? Guaranteed profit. Not a lot of work. What’s not to like?

Well, it isn’t that there are things “not to like” per se, however there are additional considerations that really need to be made. One of the key ones is of course the cost. Because Sure Betting is not cheap. Even that best value option comes in at more than twice what you might expect to pay for other services.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are in a position to invest a lot of money, then you will see more than enough from your returns to cover this. But that is very much dependent on having that initial sum to invest. Especially because you will have to spread that over a number of bookies in order to take advantage of all the possible opportunities.

And that brings me to my second consideration which is all of the work involved with arbitrage betting. Even though Rebel Betting and Sure Betting really do take a lot of the work out of this, that doesn’t mean that it is easy.

Sitting at a desk, waiting for those opportunities to arise, having to drop pretty much everything to take advantage of them. That is something that just won’t suit many people. Sure, I can appreciate that you don’t have to be actively watching Sure Betting, but you do have to be aware of it.

So, would I recommend Sure Betting? If you have enough money to fund the opportunities and are in a position to take advantage when they arise, this is absolutely worth your consideration. But that is only a very small handful of people really. The reality for most people reading this is that they will either struggle to invest enough to make decent returns, or, if you are just looking for a second income, perhaps want something a bit more hands off.

The bottom line with Sure Betting is that it is a fantastic product. There is no denying the fact that there is plenty of potential to make money here. However, ultimately, it is pricey and a bit niche. Personally, I would prefer a betting system that I can use myself, from home, when I want. And that ultimately doesn’t require me to invest thousands of pounds. And for most readers, that is probably what they are looking for as well. And Rebel Betting haven’t really achieved that with this service.


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