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Survive and Prosper Review

 Survive and Prosper is a financial advice website and newsletter operated by Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell and Harry S. Dent.

What does the product offer?

There are two aspects to Survive and Prosper. The first is a free blog that offers insight into the research that Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell and Harry S. Dent are carrying out. The second aspect is a series of paid services which offer reports based off their research that Survive and Prosper advertise as helping you to make sound financial decisions and improve your market strategies.

How does the product work?

The majority of content on Survive and Prosper seems to stem from Harry S. Dent’s philosophies and thoughts on the general economy (something I will cover in greater depth below). Ultimately as a user you should then be able to put yourself in a better position financially by following this advice.

What is the initial investment?

The blog aspect of Survive and Prosper is free to access and covers a large amount of information in its own right. Ultimately though it appears to be a part of a sales funnel to get users to subscribe to the various paid services. The costs of these vary but go as high as $2,295 annually.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Survive and Prosper it is difficult to advertise a rate of return. I would view this as a training product which means that I would ultimately expect to expand my knowledge rather than making direct money.


It is difficult to look at Survive and Prosper without looking at the man who seems to be behind it all, Harry S. Dent. Some basic research shows that he made his name in the late 80s by making some pretty good calls on unexpected result. Unfortunately it would appear that in more recent years he has continued to maintain predictions from the mid 2000’s that are yet to show any real indicator of happening. Much of what Harry S. Dent discusses relates to an imminent collapse of the Dow Jones and NASDAQ, something which doesn’t appear to be on the cards any time soon.

The thing about Survive and Prosper though is it is free to look at and with the only investment being time, it is probably worth a look.



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