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SV-60 is a trading strategy by Jim Hunt and provided through Streetwise Publications that claims to show users how to trade with a 100% success rate.

What does the product offer?

Jim Hunt makes some very bold claims about SV-60. He claims that SV-60 has a 100% success rate over 21 live trades in 45 days as well as 3 years of back testing, but also that his formula is so potent that it has the power to bring Britain to its knees. Jim Hunt is selling this to Joe Average however as he needs to prove that his formula works in order to claim a patent (which will then allegedly sell). Coming over 10 DVDs, SV-60 walks you through the trades that Jim Hunt made and what to look for in order to identify trades. The formula that is provided is claimed to be able to work in any market conditions with Jim Hunt speculating that whilst it has performed well in unstable conditions, there is only potential for SV-60 to grow. Outside of this there is very little information made available with a lot of space dedicated to questionable copy.

How does the product work?

SV-60 is more than the name of his product. Jim Hunt claims that SV-60 is actually the formula that he uses in order to identify trades. Following rules of mathematics, that should make the formula (S x V) – 60. Whilst S and V may stand for something amazingly insightful (although I’m somewhat sceptical), there is little about the formula that realistically looks like it could be applied as a trading strategy. What is claimed is that it is based on huge amounts of data from every day people about what they want from a trading product.

What is the initial investment?

SV-60 is marketed at a staggering £497 + VAT (meaning a total cost of almost £600) for the course. There is no money back guarantee offered on this (although there should be long distance selling regulations in place).

What is the rate of return?

According to Jim Hunt, over the 21 successful trades, SV-60 made 5,624 points of profit. Unfortunately there is nothing to prove this, simply a crude spreadsheet table showing profits ranging from 46 points for a single trade all the way up to 1,400.


It is difficult to know where to start with SV-60. Streetwise Publication and Jim Hunt simply put provide no evidence whatsoever that their £600 product works. Furthermore it is very easy to pick apart the story behind SV-60. First and foremost is the fact that Jim Hunt says that he is going to ultimately sell the patent for SV-60 that he was unable to take out. A patent can be taken out on any intellectual property that presents a new idea, regardless of whether it is a success or frankly, even feasible in some cases. There is also the fact that the “formula” appears to be nonsensical. I could go on but the fact is that the sales material for SV-60 seems to be based almost entirely around some kind of fantasy product. Perhaps most telling is the fact that despite the “fact” that SV-60 is 100% successful, it cannot be advertised as such as well as a lengthy disclaimer that means that as well as not being able to discuss the product, you should also not expect results comparable to the creator as well as consulting an independent financial advisor before making any decisions.

I see nothing about SV-60 that is redeeming and as such I would recommend avoiding this entirely.



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Successful or not, Ican’t understand how SV60 can be patented as an intellectual property.

I happen to agree with you I know someone who works at the patent office and I asked him If you could patent a certain way to monetize people and he told me only technological innovations can be pattented

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