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System 89P is a horse racing self selection system being offered by John Harrison of Streetwise Publications and allegedly created by a figure known only as Tony.

What does System 89P offer?

System 89P is claimed by John Harrison to be a simple and easy to follow horse racing system that will allow you to pick consistently profitable horses out. According to the promotional material that xx have put out, using System 89P is a “very quick and simple to implement system” that will take you “4 minutes a day on average” to use.

The reality however seems to be pretty far removed from this with a system that is rather convoluted and lacking in any real substance in my opinion. Interestingly, there is no evidence provide by xx relating to any of the information that you would expect for any service related to betting such as proofing or even some claimed results (outside of the testimonials which claim some rather substantial profits).

How does System 89P work?

Essentially, to use System 89P, you have to wait for a specific number of losses to occur. Once this has happened you back second favourites in a very specific race type. There is also a stepper based staking plan in place that involves increasing stakes incrementally until you win.

Whilst this doesn’t sound too difficult to follow (and it isn’t), it is also a rather frustrating and time consuming method of betting that is actually rather restrictive.

What is the initial investment?

Streetwise are currently selling System 89P for a “discounted rate” of £97 (with £2.95 postage and packaging) with John Harrison saying that he plans to increase the price to £200 (although there is no information on when this will be).

Streetwise Publications do provide a money back guarantee for System 89P saying that if you decide “for any reason whatsoever that the system isn’t right for you” you have 30 days to claim a full refund.

What is the rate of return?

According to the material that xx have put out, one of John Harrison’s staff demonstrated that System 89P made £962.50 and in excess of £1,300, both in a month. In terms of the testimonials, these range from £340 in 6 weeks to £29,000 allegedly made in just four months.

Conclusion on System 89P

There is very little evidence for my money that System 89P actually works.

Not surprisingly given the fact that this is an StreetwiseNews product, the majority of the marketing material is dedicated to telling you how John Harrison allegedly came into possession of this seemingly miraculous betting system (I won’t bore you with the details but it involves a stranger known only as Tony posting it to xx and never coming back to them about it).

For my money, the system simply isn’t good enough. It is simplistic in the worst way and seems to be based more on the idea that the circumstances will eventually arise rather than because there is a real pattern there. All of this for £100 just isn’t good enough for me and I’d look to avoid System 89P personally.

Backing second favourites after a few losses, will NEVER work. It is folly to think it will. I actually know people who have lost a lot of money following this, as the idea have been around for many, many years.

If you doubt this, backdate some of the results, and you will quickly see why this is not going to work.


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Comments (2)

I noticed on my bank statement that you took £297 from my account without my permission. I did not ask for Streetwise news and have not ordered it.

I sometimes get your publications and this is fine, but I did not ask for Streetwise News and cannot afford £297 at once as I am a pensioner.

Please refund this money at once.

You did this sort of thing once before a couple of years ago, and I really don’t think you should do it, as it is dishonest,

I await your answer and the return of my money.


(Edit Annette, You might want to contact the vendor directly, which is Streetwise Marketing)

I recently received a letter in the post offering the said ’89p’ system. I’m so glad that I decided to do a little research about the ‘wonderful money making system’ and will take your advice from Sept 2015 and avoid it!
Many Thanks
March 2021

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