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T Shirt Advantage Review by Adrian Morrison

T Shirt Advantage is a product from Adrian Morrison in which he shares the methods of marketing that he uses to sell t shirts online.

What does the product offer?

T Shirt Advantage claims to show people the exact methods that Adrian Morrison has used to build a million dollar online empire, purely through selling t shirt designs. T Shirt Advantage shows you now just the marketing methods and the best place to market your t shirts, but also where you can get access to the best designers. Adrian Morrison even goes as far as to say that he will show you the best niches that are able to provide a sustained and long term income. This comes in the form of a piece of software with T Shirt Advantage also giving you access to Adrian Morrison’s top 50 campaigns as well as a start up guide for selling t shirts online.

How does T Shirt Advantage work?

At the core of T Shirt Advantage is something that Adrian Morrison refers to as Viral Advantage Software which helps you to monitor and tweak campaigns as well as generating traffic for your goal. T Shirt Advantage is predominantly concerned with marketing through Facebook with a view to selling your t-shirts. The ultimate idea before for T Shirt Advantage is to have your marketing go viral. Everything is presented in a comprehensive fashion that makes T Shirt Advantage easy to follow.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Adrian Morrison is continuing to market T Shirt Advantage at a discounted rate of $67. This is a $130 reduction on the usual price and it is claimed to only be available for the next 3 days. T Shirt Advantage does come with a 30 day money back guarantee however this is subject to a “valid” reason for claiming the refund.

What is the rate of return?

The figures that Adrian Morrison claims to make by selling t shirts through the T Shirt Advantage method are frankly, unbelievable. These range from the claim that both him and one of his students have made well over $1 million with the method to claims of making $12,982 to $244,336.56 in a month to thousands of dollars for a single campaign. There is unfortunately not what I would call substantial evidence for any of these.

Conclusion on T Shirt Advantage by Adrian Morrison

T shirt selling products seem to do the rounds about this time of year, often claiming to help you to make a fortune however there is very little evidence to back these claims up. Looking at T Shirt Advantage, it seems quite clear that Adrian Morrison is doing something similar. The fact is that selling t shirts through Teespring and its ilk is a difficult business with many markets and niches being massively over saturated and whilst Facebook marketing can offer you some sales and might even lead to some semi consistent business, I simply don’t believe that you will make anywhere near the figures quoted. With that in mind I see T Shirt Advantage as being just a little too expensive. The product isn’t bad, just isn’t that different to what is currently out there in my opinion.


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From: Simon Roberts