28 Jun: Bet-Bot Review

Bet-Bot is a ne to market horse racing tipster service that is being offered courtesy of one Mark Walk. He claims that his AI based approach to betting will allow you to take home some huge profits. Introduction to Bet-Bot The future is very much now, and nowhere is this more apparent than in betting. Putting aside the prevalence of online betting, the utilisation of betting exchanges, and even software that will bet for you under certain circumstances….

21 Jul: Bet Bot/AI Bets Review

Bet Bot/AI Bets (the names appear to be used interchangeably in the sales material for the service) is horse racing tipster service which has very recently been launched. It is operated by Mark Walk and makes some incredible claims in terms of what you can expect from the service. Introduction to Bet Bot/AI Bets It isn’t very often that I see something like Bet Bot/AI Bets. I want to make it perfectly clear that this doesn’t refer to…