Bitcoin Trading

02 Dec: Let’s Have Cash Review

Let’s Have Cash is a product that involves paying to market your products and also offers users an opportunity to join a bitcoin mining syndicate. What does the product offer? Let’s Have Cash is something of a mixed bag that seems rather confused about what it is. At the core of the Let’s Have Cash seems to be a marketing scheme whereby you can pay to have your adverts showed to seemingly other members with a claimed guaranteed…

09 Mar: Bitcoin Exchange Bot Review

Bitcoin Exchange Bot is a piece of software that creator Michael X says will automatically trade bitcoins for profit. What does the product offer? Bitcoin Exchange Bot comes in the form of an app for Google Chrome and comes packaged with a series of training material in written and video form. As mentioned above Michael X says that Bitcoin Exchange Bot is entirely automated and doesn’t require you to monitor the product.

28 Feb: Auto Bitcoin Cash Review

Auto Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin trading system developed by, Joseph Tanner, that he claims is able to provide users with an edge when trading bitcoins. What does the product offer? Auto Bitcoin Cash uses a special piece of software that has been developed by Joseph Tanner based off his own time trading bitcoins online. He claims that after being introduced to the currency by a friend he started to investigate and analyse the trading charts to identify…

28 Feb: 44 Day Millionaire Review

44 Day Millionaire is a Bitcoin trading system that the seller, Daniel Sawyer, claims is able to trade Bitcoins based on their value compared to traditional commodities. What does the product offer? 44 Day Millionaire uses a special piece of software that has been developed by Daniel Sawyer’s claimed friend, “Tyler”. A hotshot trader for HSBC based at their headquarters in London. The software says that it is able to trade bitcoins with a 99.99% accuracy rate in…

19 Feb: Bitcoin Income Review

Bitcoin Income is a piece of trading software that is claimed to be able to automatically trade Bitcoins profitably. What does the product offer? According to the creator of Bitcoin Income users are put in the position of being able to trade bitcoins online on autopilot. The system is allegedly easy to use and is ideal for those who know nothing about Bitcoin.