13 Oct: BoomBets Review

BoomBets is a new horse racing tipster service operated by one Nick Stephens that claims to be able to produce a consistent profit through value bets. What does the product offer? BoomBets is being sold as a rather straight forward tipster service that takes a pretty no nonsense approach to betting. In fact, Nick Stephens spends a not insignificant amount of time talking about how BoomBets differs from services offering high strike rates and huge profits. In terms…

21 Jul: BoomBets Review

Created by Nick Stephens, BoomBets is a new horse racing tipster service that the creator says places a focus on being consistently profitable. What is the product? Honesty, there is very little about BoomBets that sets it apart from the multitudes of tipster services that are currently available on the market. It is a straightforward daily (almost, Nick Stephens says that some days, he may not find selections) tipster service that focuses on UK racing.