Jim Nardone

03 Apr: Coram Shower Pod Review, Supplied by Byretech.com

Coram provide shower pods that are advertised as completely waterproof. We will soon be installing one of these shower pods, and will assess the quality, build and likelihood of the shower remaining leak-free. Coram Shower Pod Review Byretech.com If you have ever had a shower in your home, then you will know that the chance of having a leak at some time during it’s life is extremely high. Also, as many of us know the practice of using silicone to seal showers and baths is usually a fruitless exercise, as silicone breaks down after a period of time. The alternative that is being advertised is self-contained shower units – also known as shower pods. Now, these shower pods, such as those offered by the manufacturer Coram proclaim to be completely waterproof, and leak-free. Quite a claim, but as we are shortly going to be installing one of these pods, we