Sarah Staar

07 Aug: Replace My Day Job Review

Replace My Day Job is a training course by Sarah Staar that teaches you about how to become successful in internet marketing. What does the product offer? Replace My Day Job is actually a video download of a seminar that Sarah Staar hosted with the same as this product. She claims that over the course of the seminar Replace My Day Job will teach you everything you need to become a successful internet marketer. This includes finding a…

10 Feb: Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint Review

Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint is a training course developed by the eponymous Sarah Staar to teach the basics of affiliate marketing. What does the product offer? Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint comes in the form of a series of videos that she claims covers everything that somebody new to affiliate marketing would need to know. Sarah Staar provides instruction on most aspects of setting up the site including using WordPress to make videos in the bonus package WordPress Training.