05 Nov: TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading Review

TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is a very long standing tennis trading guide from Paul Shires. He claims that he is able to teach anybody how to become a successful tennis trader on Betfair. Introduction to TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading When I was made aware of TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading, I was somewhat taken aback. This is a service that has been operational since 2009? Surely, I thought to myself, it must be some out of date rubbish.

09 Apr: Tennis Trading League Tips Review

Tennis Trading League Tips is a tipster service provided by Patrick Ross. The service provides tips as well as trading advice for tennis. What does the product offer? There are two key aspects to Tennis Trading League Tips, the first is the actual tipster service with betting tips being sent out by Patrick Ross, the other lies in trading advice service which offers a number of articles all of which offer insight and advice into the nature of…