21 Aug: SmartSentinel.co.uk Tim Lowe The Software Review

SmartSentinel – Software Business   Offered by Tim Lowe, and provided by software professionals in the industry of mobile phone applications. Claimed to be the fastest growing industry on the planet at the moment, we think they may have a point to the bold advertising. OK, I want to know about SmartSentinel? From the office of Tim Lowe, SmartSentinel is being offered to those looking at generating an income, as an opportunity to become involved in the fastest growing industry in the world – mobile phone applications. Not just mobile phones, but tablets, and phablets. Basically the team at Waverley Media are offering a few places onto a course that will allow you to promote and profit from software that every business owner, and consumer will want to make use of. How does the software work, and why is the market so large? The actual website page explains this in

12 Feb: Waverley Media Ltd Review

Waverley Media are an internet based company created by Tim Lowe that specialise in providing money making products. What does the product offer? Waverley Media are associated with a number of different products and online marketers and through them are able to offer a number of online money making solutions. Waverley Media and Tim Lowe have allegedly been utilising online marketing as a revenue stream since 2001.