Tams Racing Tips Review

Tams Racing Tips is an email based horse racing tipster service from Pro Betting Club. The service provides selections for UK and Irish races.

What does the product offer?

Tams Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service that provides users with daily selections (at least one selection but potentially as many as four) for races across the UK and Ireland. The tipster behind Tams Racing Tips offering a combination of longer odds (as high as 15.0 BSP) and more favoured horses which has helped the service to achieve an average strike rate of around 30% with a longest losing streak of 15 bets. Using the advised staking system of anywhere between 1 and 5 points, this can hugely impact a betting bank.

How does the product work?

The unnamed tipster behind Tams Racing Tips spends 4-5 hours per day making his selections according to Pro Betting Club. This suggests that the service is likely steeped in statistical and or form analysis however this is only speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

Tams Racing Tips is available at the time of writing for £39.50 per month (plus VAT for EU residents). There is no mention of any money back guarantee which is generally standard for the industry.

What is the rate of return?

Since May this year, Tams Racing Tips has achieved a profit of 249.77 points. This works out at an average of almost 50 points per month. This is well over the 30 points per month that the creator of the service aims for. It is worth noting that one of these months was a losing month of 42.51 points.


Tams Racing Tips is something of a mixed bag at the moment. The loss last month is not an insignificant amount, but with an average of 50 points per month (with 2 months making over 100 points each) this isn’t necessarily the end of the world. My largest concern about Tams Racing Tips comes down to how consistent it will be. The service has only been active for 5 months and during this time it has produced results that vary from the afore mentioned loss right up to a very impressive 145.47 point profit. Personally I think I’d keep an eye on this and see how it does over the next few months before investing.



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From: Simon Roberts